A look back at the 3rd edition of the Léman signature Pro-Am by Golffissimes. This prestigious chic and glamorous summer pro-am took place on the magnificent golf courses of Maison Blanche, Montreux and Esery from August 23 to 27.

  • Esery Golf Club
    Esery Golf Club - © TPlassais / Swing-Féminin

After the Nord-Sud Cup in Saint-Tropez (last June), it is in the cozy and reassuring atmosphere of the Geneva region that Voyages Golfissimes organized the Pro-Am signature du Léman, their second event of the year 2021.

On this occasion, 36 amateur and professional players made the trip to the shores of Lake Geneva, to have a good time on the courses of Maison-Blanche, Montreux and Esery and, above all, to savor the pleasure of meeting each other. after these too many months of deprivation!

From the first evening, a cruise aboard the Savoy, one of the emblematic paddle boats of Lake Geneva, would allow everyone to discover the shores of the Geneva Riviera and its sumptuous almost secret residences.

If many seagulls followed the prestigious boat, they would go completely unnoticed the next day on the White House golf course erased by an Albatross which would emerge from William Hees' 4 iron on hole n ° 9!

Lake Leman - Geneva

Lac Leman - Geneva - © TPlassais / Swing-Féminin

An extremely rare feat never seen in thirty years of events organized by Golfissimes!

The Stade Français Pro having thus concluded a Par 5 in just 2 strokes, which would give wings to his team, already accustomed to the podiums, not to let go of the lead in the raw standings throughout the 3 rounds of the tournament.

While the men were in the lead, the wives of the team of winners in brut, competed in harmony and daring to win the products of the exclusive Clinique La Prairie which rewarded elegance on the courses.

The last lap, on the very difficult and always spectacular Esery golf course, gave us a fight for the 1st place in net, which would return to the team of an Eric Moreul on fire (around 18 birdies in 3 laps) in front of Anthony Grenier, still at the forefront!

This is how this 3rd Pro-Am Signature by Golfissimes after an unprecedented prize-giving evening contested in the city, on the Place de Longemalle which turned out to be very festive.

At the end of the evening, the "see you soon" were more numerous than the "goodbye" which augurs a very real desire to meet again as soon as possible, and future opportunities are not lacking in the collection. fall-winter of Golfissimes!


Raw winners

Net winners

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