Third edition of the Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine Summit, entirely online, from October 10 to 16, 2022

The Summit of Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine

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The French are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of diet, physical activity and stress on their health and well-being.

To respond to this awakening of conscience, Charlotte Jacquet and Fabien Audouy founded the Summit of Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine. The founders wish to share their vision of a plural and human medicine.

Free and accessible to all, this third edition of the summit will focus on stress and burnout and will bring together experts from various backgrounds.

The Summit of Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine

©Summit of Naturopathy

The first French-speaking summit dedicated to naturopathy and integrative medicine

The Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine Summit is a unique event in France, which aims to develop a holistic and integrative approach to the care pathway.

The third edition of the summit, which will take place from Monday 10 to Sunday 16 October 2022, will explore the theme "Well in my head, stress and burn-out" with a program of great richness. It will bring together about twenty speakers: doctors, dieticians, pharmacists, naturopaths, psychologists, mental trainer and many other specialists. Some are recognized players in the Francophone health community.

The Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine Summit takes place entirely online; access to the online conferences is free during the seven days of the summit.

Integrative medicine: a holistic vision of health

Integrative medicine is a vision of health that takes into account the person as a whole and in all aspects of their lifestyle. Integrative medicine creates a synergy between these practices, which reinforces their effectiveness and involves the consultants more. It is built on several pillars:

  • The partnership between the consultant and the practitioner, both engaged in the healing process.
  • The choice, when possible, of natural and minimally invasive procedures.
  • Scientific research, which guides the choice of therapies, whether conventional or unconventional, and ensures people's safety.
  • A comprehensive view, which takes into account health, healing, disease, treatment and prevention.

The forces at the top

  • An event accessible to all
  • Plural expertise
  • A unique format
The Summit of Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine

©Summit of Naturopathy

The Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine Summit program

Monday October 10

  • Caroline Derumigny, clinical psychoanalyst: Stress: definition, symptoms, how to deal with it?
  • Lisa Salis, nutritherapist: Take care of your diet to avoid burnout
  • David Rey, Naturopath: Burn-in: warning signs to recognize to avoid burn-out

Tuesday October 11

  • Dr Maurice Bessoudo, Functional physician: Burn out, risk factors
  • Noëllie Gourmelon Duffau, naturopath: Emotional burn-out: how to free yourself from the emotional charge?
  • Raphaël Homat, mental trainer: Mental preparation: how to fight against burnout?

Wednesday October 12

  • Sophie Benabi, Ayurveda practitioner: Prevent or recover from burnout with Ayurveda
  • Anh Nguyen, Doctor of Pharmacy: From stress to burn-out: micronutritional care!
  • Catherine Vasey, psychologist and Gestalt therapist: How to stay alive at work?

Thursday October 13

  • Caroline Gayet, phyto-aromatherapist and dietician: Depression, stress, nervousness, exhaustion, burn-out: use phytotherapy well!
  • Jennifer Martin, culinary designer: Batchcooking: cooking in advance without worrying!
  • Daniel Kieffer, naturopath and founder of Cenatho: Breaking the cycle of Burnout with the help of breathing

Friday, October 14

  • Marion Kaplan, bio-nutritionist and creator of the vitalizer: At the heart of the 10 health and life course commandments
  • Amélie Ayed, intuitive coach: Burn out: a cry of love?
  • Floriane Cherencey, sophrologist: Finding a balance between professional and personal life

Saturday, October 15

  • Alexandre Dana, founder of livementor: The burn-out of the entrepreneur? the different keys to prevent it
  • Adeline aka "Un amour de Chef": From luxury marketing to TikTok, Adeline's journey of resilience
  • Floriane Cherencey, sophrologist: Imposter syndrome: how to reclaim professional success?

Dimanche octobre 16

  • Arnaud Gea, scientific aromatologist: Modulating the functioning of our brain to better manage our emotions with HE
  • Élodie Leclercq, emotional release coach: Freeing your emotions through movement
  • Floriane Cherencey, sophrologist: Highlighting its values ​​to restore value to its missions!

©Summit of Naturopathy

Contents of the pack "Well in my head, stress and burn-out

The pack proposed for the third edition of the Summit of Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine is composed of several types of content:
    • All the videos of the conferences and workshops broadcast during the week in unlimited replay
    • All conferences and workshops in mp3 audio format
    • Sophrology exercises to prevent burnout
    • A "classbook" bringing together the experts' files
    • An ebook that brings together explanations and natural solutions to consider in the context of burnout 
    • the E-book "Health on my plate" by Jennifer Martin, culinary designer, is a mine of information for all people who wish to understand stress and burnout

An ambitious project led by two integrative health enthusiasts

Charlotte Jacquet

Charlotte Jacquet is a naturopath. She accompanies people in search of health and well-being in her office, but also on social networks. In 2018, she launched “Naturopathy over the seasons”. This holistic program, which combines the principles of Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and naturopathy, provides personalized support over 365 days. Since 2020, Charlotte has published many books that have met with real success: Naturopathy my year + healthy  My Happy Feelings notebook, or,, My health at NatureI. Charlotte is also a trainer and has surrounded herself with an exceptional teaching team to create “Prépa'Naturopathie”, an online training organization that supports future naturopaths in their studies, certification and in their professional installation.

Fabien Audouy

Fabien Audouy is a Brand Marketer and digital expert, specializing in the fields of sport and health. He has worked in large sports and health groups and is the 2021 winner of the HUB35 in digital business. Today, he co-founded a digital marketing agency and supports his clients in their brand strategy. By working alongside doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and natural health practitioners on a daily basis, he became aware of the relevance of the global and holistic approach, as well as the importance of prevention.

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