The Treasures of the Hive is the new signature ritual of Terre Blanche Spa. A 90-minute sensory journey that combines the soothing virtues of local honey with the excellence of Valmont's anti-aging treatment, complemented by a sweet touch from Pastry Chef Jérémie Gressier. A unique experience where relaxation and gastronomy meet in the heart of Provence-Côte-d'Azur.

The Treasures of the Hive: Sensory escape at Terre Blanche Spa

©Terre Blanche Spa

A moment of honeyed sweetness, where every detail has been meticulously thought out to offer a unique experience. The ritual includes a 60-minute massage, highlighting the benefits of local beeswax, in an atmosphere enriched with the treasures of the hive creating a soothing and regenerating atmosphere.

The Ritual is completed by the collaboration between Terre Blanche Spa et Valmont with the complex “ Essence of Bees“. An alliance that gives rise to a 30-minute facial massage, guaranteeing an exceptional anti-aging treatment, which provides a radiant and rejuvenated effect.

To accompany this sensory experience, the Pastry Chef Jérémie Gressier, offers a honey mignardise served with a Tanneron honey tea, creating a perfect harmony between relaxation and gastronomy.

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