TaylorMade Golf presents its new range of Qi10 drivers, which pushes the limits of forgiveness thanks to a record moment of inertia. The three models Qi10 Qi10 Max and Qi10 LS and offer golfers unrivaled performance off the tee, with maximum ball speed and stability. To be discovered on February 2, 2024.

Qi10: the TaylorMade Golf driver revolution

Qi10 Driver Family Horizontal ©TaylorMade Golf

Taylor Made Golf launches its new range of Qi10 drivers, which offers an unprecedented level of tolerance thanks to a moment of inertia of 10 g-cm². This technological innovation allows golfers of all levels to benefit from optimal performance off the tee, with increased ball speed and stability.

The range consists of three models: Qi10 Max, Qi10 LS and Qi10. The Qi10 Max is the most forgiving of the family, with a total moment of inertia of 10 g-cm², achieved thanks to an advanced construction with an infinity carbon crown, an optimized head shape, a face in third generation carbon and a low torque shaft. It is designed to provide optimal launch and spin, as well as a sleek, refined look.

The Qi10 LS is aimed at players looking for a low-spin, low-launch driver suitable for high swing speeds and high spin rates. It features a deep face and a more compact head, which will be the choice of many Team TaylorMade athletes. The LS also incorporates an infinity carbon crown, as well as a more efficient adjustable weight, which allows the center of gravity and moment of inertia of the driver to be modified.

Qi10: the TaylorMade Golf driver revolution

Qi10 Max from all angles ©TaylorMade Golf

The Qi10 is the driver that offers the best compromise between distance and forgiveness, with a lower center of gravity and a higher moment of inertia than previous TaylorMade drivers in this category. The driver features a slightly larger head shape, which inspires confidence in golfers of all skill levels. It also benefits from the third generation carbon face, which ensures high and consistent ball speed.

The Qi10 range from TaylorMade Golf will be available for pre-order from January 9, 2024 and in stores from February 2, 2024. Prices vary from 499 to 529 euros depending on the model. The drivers are equipped with quality shafts and grips, chosen from the best brands on the market.

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