Gynécée is committed to women on March 8… And all the rest of the year!


La Maison Gynécée was founded by two young intensive care nurses, Salomé Brial and Camille Boursier. Since May 2020, Gynécée has combined femininity and modernity through an intimate place, unique in France. The life of a woman being strewn with stages that each one lives in a very different way, Gynécée accompanies them throughout their life, from adolescence to menopause. Consultations, treatments, specific sports sessions, conferences; the experts and practitioners of the house are at the service of women.

Gynécée is also the creation of a warm, enveloping and specialized ecosystem dedicated to women. A place where you feel comfortable and where speech is free. There are care, follow-up and well-being courses adapted to the desires, needs and problems of women.

Puberty, contraception, femininity, fertility, motherhood, menopause, all women will find what they are looking for

Personalized Gynaecium support at each stage of a woman's life


Sexuality, menstruation, contraception, hormonal imbalances… there are many subjects and issues that punctuate the daily lives of young women. Bodies evolve and mentalities change. It is during this first chapter of their adult life that they learn to know and appropriate their body and their femininity. A sometimes complicated key period during which they often feel the need to be supported and advised.

A young teenager in need of advice or a mother lost in the face of her daughter's questions and reactions, Gynécée welcomes them with open arms. Within La Maison, a gentle and reassuring refuge, mothers and young girls will be able to benefit from follow-up and advice adapted to their needs.

Practitioners to consult? Bérengère Mercier, traditional Chinese energy practitioner. Bérengère works on the different acupuncture points, seeking to restore the circulation of energy in the organs, to have body and mind in harmony. It soothes menstruation disorders, insomnia, anxiety, pain, migraines and helps to manage stress.

But also: Fabienne Venchiarutti, reflexologist, Julie Tran, kinesiologist, Sabrina Ragheb practitioner in herbalism, Elodie Cariou, midwife, Anaïs Koen, counselor in sympthothermy…

Fertility and motherhood

Maternity is far from being a long calm river. Desire for a child, fertility, pregnancy, parenthood… it's an adventure punctuated by major events. Alone or as a couple, Gynécée welcomes (future) parents into her home to help and support them in these upsetting moments.

Gynécée offers a multitude of activities led by specialists, from fertility to postnatal: prenatal yoga for fertility, prenatal Swissball workshop, perineal prevention during childbirth, postnatal pilates, “Mom-baby” yoga and many more. others. Spouses are also welcome, especially during duo workshops such as, for example, the duo workshop "Preparing for childbirth with Shiatsu" led by Claire, a shiatsu practitioner or the workshop for future dads "Gestures Daily ".


La Maison Gynécée also offers several conferences on maternity, a subject that is sometimes worrying for many women who need to be reassured and accompanied:

  • “Optimizing your fertility with nutrition” with Marion, nutritherapist
  • “Living well in your 1st trimester of pregnancy” with Alix, naturopath
  • “Accompany your newborn in his sleep” with Sandra, child sleep consultant

A practitioner to consult? Marion Droguet, practitioner in prenatal, postnatal and pre-conception massage for a moment of relaxation and letting go.


Just like in adolescence, perimenopause is a period of intense hormonal fluctuations that can lead to living a real hell. It then leads to menopause, which is often badly experienced by many women. However, just as it is not normal to have menstrual pain or irregular cycles, it is not normal to experience complicated perimenopause and menopause.

Quite rightly, some women need support to understand this dreaded period and to know what to do to live it more serenely. To do this, Gynécée notably offers a conference, led by Marion, nutritherapist, called “Living (peri)menopause with complete peace of mind” to help women see things more clearly during this troubling period.

A practitioner to consult? Alix d'Antras, naturopath who supports women in premenopause and menopause.

“Building our own network of healthcare professionals took us a long time, but today we have a trusted team, with complementary specialties gathered in the same place. There was no place of this type, we imagined the model from our experiences. » - Salome Brial, co-founder of La Maison Gynécée

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