Drawing Now Art Fair celebrated its 17th edition from March 21 to 24, 2024, which saw Tatiana Wolska recognized as the 2024 winner of the Drawing Now prize. This event has naturally established itself over the years as an important milestone for art enthusiasts and professionals, highlighting current trends and emerging talents in the field of contemporary drawing.

Drawing Now Art Fair: Tatiana Wolska winner 2024

Tatiana Wolska, 2024 winner of the prize ©Drawing Now

Drawing Now Art Fair: Tatiana Wolska winner 2024Born in Poland, Tatiana Wolska began his artistic career at the Villa Arson in Nice. Winner of the Grand Prix at the Salon de Montrouge, she was invited by the Pierre Bergé Foundation for a personal exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in 2014. Her work has since been regularly exhibited in international institutions, notably the Frac Corse and Frac PACA 2016 in the Villa Empain in Brussels and the Arsenal in Poznan (Poland) in 2018, the Villa Datris in Paris in 2020, or the Centrale for contemporary art in Brussels in 2023. In spring 2024, a solo show will be dedicated to him at Midlands Arts Center in Birmingham. She will also participate in the group show “Rebel Garden” during the Bruges Triennale and in the open-air sculpture exhibition “Lustwarande” in Tilburg.


“I work without preparatory drawings or sketches, in a very instinctive way. The idea of ​​organic growth and autonomy of forms is very present. The result can evoke plant, animal, mineral elements, microbes or even organs, but its interpretation depends on the perspective of each person. I don't like to explain my works, as if describing them was a form of imprisonment and risked limiting them. »


Drawing Now Art Fair: Tatiana Wolska winner 2024Tatiana Wolska's multidisciplinary practice is characterized by organic growth and the proliferation of forms. His drawings and sculptures, intimately linked in a constant dialogue, demonstrate research into the sinuosity of curves, the emergence of organic elements and the hybridization of objects. Plastic bottles, abandoned nails or recycled wood become the foundations of propagation and amplification mechanisms. His drawings evoke living things in a plural way every day and place the question of the body at the center of his concerns. Using simple means and evocative gestures, Tatiana Wolska reinterprets the notion of reality at the limit of abstraction, flirting with the invisible and the intimate.

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The Drawing Now Prize has been supporting contemporary creation for 13 years and highlights the pioneering role of galleries by rewarding the work of an artist presented at the Drawing Now Art Fair. The price, supported by Drawing Society, is endowed with 15 euros: 000 euros grant for the artist, 5 euros production aid for a 000-month exhibition at Drawing Lab and the edition of a monographic catalog. The selection of the nominees and the winning artist is made by the members of the show's selection committee, composed for the 2024 edition of:

  • Joana PR Neves, Artistic Director of the fair;
  • Helene Guenin, Director of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nice (MAMAC);
  • Carole Haensler, Director of the Museo Villa dei Cedri in Bellinzona and President of the Association of Swiss Museums;
  • Anita Haldemann, Deputy Director and Head of the Department of Prints and Drawings at the Kunstmuseum Basel;
  • Catherine Hellier du Verneuil, Art historian and collector;
  • Pascal Neveux, Director of the Picardy Regional Contemporary Art Fund;
  • Philippe Piguet, art critic and independent curator.

These are 5 artists who were chosen in advance by this committee and whose names were announced at the Drawing Lab during the opening of the exhibition “The Deep Time of Rivers” by Suzanne Husky, winner of the Drawing Now 2023 Prize. is:

  • Caroline Corbasson, born in 1989, represented by Dilecta;
  • Stephanie Mansy, born in 1978, represented by Galerie F;
  • Catherine Meurisse, born in 1980, represented by Galerie Barbier;
  • Marine Pages, born in 1976, represented by Galerie Bernard Jordan;
  • Tatiana Wolska, born in 1977, represented by Irène Laub.

Since 2011, 12 artists have benefited from this spotlight: Catherine Melin (2011)Clement Bagot (2012) Didier Rittener (2013) Cathryn Boch (2014) Abdelkader Benchamma (2015) Jochen Gerner (2016), Lionel Sabaté (2017), Michail Michailov (2018) Lucie Picandet (2019) Nicolas Daubanes (2021) Karine Rougier (2022) et Suzanne Husky (2023)

Drawing Now Art Fair: Tatiana Wolska winner 2024

Presentation of the Drawing Now Prize 2024 © Say Who photo credit: Ayka Lux

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