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Isabelle Boineau receives the Dubai Trophy of Hope for Women 2016 during the Golf Trophies evening broadcast live on Canal + - © Alexis Orloff

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Based on a simple observation, out of 4 women who start to play golf, only one perseveres.
Golfers are the ones who give up the most.
However, women's golf is a booming market in which manufacturers
adjust without being asked: specialized clothing, choice of clubs, etc ...

So why ?

It seems that the majority of women begin to play golf without taking a course.
They use the first time, it seems, their husband's clubs (the worst thing to do).
As they do not have the strength of men, they become discouraged.
In addition, for many of them spending a full half day on the green is too much, especially if they have young children.
They cannot play often enough to progress and find pleasure in it.

Also, it was urgent that the web offer us a real 'time saving' tool and that a space be dedicated to us. A site where female golfers find all the services they need to fully enjoy their passion.

What happiness!

Thanks to, Lorena Ochoa, Annika Sörenstam, Gwladis Nocera, Michelle Wie…
and to all professional and amateur golfers

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