In partnership with the start-up Lify-Air, the Golf de Marcilly-en-Villette is taking a revolutionary step for the well-being and health of golfers. With the installation of a state-of-the-art pollen sensor, players can now anticipate and prevent allergies, transforming their experience on the green.

Golf de Marcilly, a new era with Live Pollen

Sensor at the Marcilly Golf ©Lify-Air

30% of the population are allergic, golfers are no exception

Each year these are 30% of the population, and therefore people who play golf, who are subject to pollen allergies. And as golf is an outdoor sport, which is played in a natural setting, athletes devoting themselves to their passion are particularly exposed to pollen from trees such as currently birches, ashes, alders... And grasses who will take over immediately!

So, to prevent a third of the players from finding themselves with difficulties before having completed their course, the Marcilly golf course and the young innovative company Lify-Air have decided to allow everyone to take precautions by implementing simple prevention and no longer be surprised by pollen! Whether by anticipating your treatments (antihistamines), choosing your departure times as best as possible (early morning or late afternoon), or even accessorizing your outfit (wearing covering sunglasses, or a simple mask during the transition phases), it is possible to significantly reduce the impacts.

“Even if certain days, players returned to the clubhouse complaining of allergies, we were not necessarily aware of the proportion of people affected by allergies,” explains Pascal Parou, golf director at Marcilly, “but It is obvious that if we can provide information to our members and our employees that allows them to better experience the practice on a daily basis, we must do it! ".

Lify-Air: a prevention mission

For Lify-Air, which has already deployed, more than 200 sensors in French cities, this is the opportunity to demonstrate a new specific use of its Pollen allergy prevention solution. Live Pollen“. “Our goal is to support those with allergies in their daily lives,” explains Jérôme Richard, co-founder of the company. “This involves providing information close to their homes, their work, but also in places where they practice outdoor activities. In this sense, golf course equipment is hyper relevant, because it allows you to prevent et to improve the quality of the moment spent ! ".

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