The LPGA of Korea Tour is a professional women's golf circuit that takes place in South Korea.

9899389585It is one of the four major circuits of women's golf behind the LPGA Tour of North America, the Ladies European Tour and the LPGA of Japan Tour. Great players come from this circuit such as Se Ri Pak, however the best join the American circuit. One tournament counts for the LPGAKT and the LPGA: the Korea Championship.

In 2007, there were 25 events on the main circuitIncluding a co-sanctioned by LPGA circuit et a co-sanctioned by the Asian Ladies Tour, a match de the team de Korea against that of Japan end of the season. Le LPGA tournament sanctioned by a price of 1,500,000 USD et prices in other individual events will from 200 million to 500 million Won South Korean.

Compared Asked golf circuits of other women, la KLPGA is exclusively cheek by nationals Korean.

Based on the exchange rates of April 2014, in 2014 the main circuit has a total price amount of approximately 16,4 million USD.