The new Röhnisch Fall/Winter 2023 collection stands out for its exceptional comfort and freedom of movement. The Swedish brand advocates the use of new eco-responsible materials with unique colors.

Röhnisch Fall Winter 2023 Collection

©Röhnisch Fall Winter Collection


A specialist in women's golf and sports clothing since 2002, Röhnisch designs clothing that fits perfectly to all bodies so that women feel more confident, more comfortable and stronger in their performances.


For over two decades designing and producing golf and sportswear, the Swedish brand has always been at the forefront when it comes to sustainability. The fall winter 2023 collection represents 85% of the total collection made from sustainable fabrics, which means “made from sustainable and recycled materials”. Röhnisch's goal is to use 100% eco-friendly fabrics for all collections by 2025. The collections are designed with eco-sustainable fabrics as a starting requirement, sustainability is in the brand's DNA just like his philosophy of 3 R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  • Röhnisch Fall Winter 2023 Collection


Inclusivity, Röhnisch designs golf and sportswear for women of all shapes and sizes, offering a wide range from XXS to XXXL for many items. The etRöhnisch collections are made of high-quality technical materials at an accessible price for all women who want to play golf and stay active.


Röhnisch also supports professional female golfers, like the Englishwoman Georgia Hall, aged 27, she has won several titles and officiates on the LPGA and LET circuits as well as the French Anne-Charlotte Mora, winner on the LET in 2022


The fall-winter collection is designed on layering. Superposition because the temperatures are different between September and March in France from north to south and from east to west, but also because they change throughout the day, with a cool early morning, followed by an afternoon sunny midday and a cool evening. The goal is to protect the body during these different stages and ensure that movement and comfort are optimized throughout the day.

In the fall-winter collection we find active and functional styles with technical features that absorb sweat and maintain the body at the right temperatures. In this part of the collection we find, for example, the thermal tights, with its allied merino base layers, as well as the women's style Stormy rain jacket and pants, which can also be used for other occasions outside from the golf course. This is the largest part of the collection as it is aimed at all women who love to stay active outdoors on and off the golf course!


A range of beautiful, warm shades of earthy, nougat and beige colors are used to mix with black and white patterns and brown and navy mini tiles, alternated with bright, vibrant winter colors like cool blue-green opal and mint watercolors on the one hand and pink tones on the other.


Especially in winter, accessories are essential to keep your feet, hands and head warm when it's cold and wet. That's why Röhnisch presents a range of cute Pom Rib and sporty hats, warm padded caps, rain hats and bucket hats as well as neck warmers, headbands and heated gloves to protect your body. To complete your total looks, stretchy belts, functional socks and soft caps in the colors and patterns of the collection.

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