Plastic sculptor Hubert Privé has just released a fifth book illustrating his new artistic creations inspired by the world of golf.

Hubert Privé takes out his 5 iron

Click to enlarge the image – ©Hubert Privé

The carousels of golf, The carts of the sky, The infernal hole, The Pics of golf... Over the pages, the reader (golfer) discovers 60 original creations by Hubert Privé, whose works decorate some of our most beautiful courses. .

This fifth work on glossy paper by the plastic sculptor contains more than 600 legends illustrated in part by French and European champions, including Matthieu Pavon, Antoine Rozner, Paul Barjon, Thomas Detry, Nicolas Colsaerts, Benjamin Hebert, Thomas Levet, Jean Garaïalde, Raphaël Jacquelin or Grégory Havret…

Through his new works such as Graffitees or Gravitag…, the evolution of Hubert's work is significant. As striking as it is striking!

Works that we can't wait to discover. Surely the opportunity for a future book and new traveling exhibitions.

Within this “5th element”, Hubert Privé also presents his work inspired by his other passion, the sea and the seabed… An abyssal field of exploration where everything remains to be discovered.

A great gift idea a few weeks before the holiday season.

Hubert Privé takes out his 5 iron

From left to right: Hubert Privé and Jean Claude Forestier – ©Hubert Privé


To order a book autographed by the author: 49 € Free shipping

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