Kobido, facial treatment, Thai, Californian, Swedish, abhyanga, deep tissue, Hawaiian, Japanese or even Tibetan massage ... we have selected the best places to pamper you in the capital or give you some gift ideas for the end of year celebrations. 'year.

Where to find the best treatments & massages in Paris?

Ban Sin Thai - © Franck Crudo

Californian or Swedish massage

Place des Vosges, the Queen's Pavilion (3rd) is an enchanted 5 * break which houses a small Codage spa in the basement. Estelle's delicate massage is tasted like a grand cru. To consume without moderation. http://www.pavillon-de-la-reine.com/fr/le-spa.html

Rue du Cherche-Midi, the 4 * hotel la Belle Juliette (6th) contains an intimate spa, with a charming swimming pool heated to 31 degrees. The signature Californian-type treatment provided by Ninon particularly lasts on your back, but also your feet. Maria Galland products and an organic vegetable oil with peppermint or patchouli for men, lavender or rose flower for women. https://www.hotel-belle-juliette-paris.com/fr/spa/

Kos massages and Caritas treatments on the spa menu White Narcissus (7th), a 5 * boutique hotel located not far from Les Invalides. Before letting yourself be transported by the expert hands of Clémence, you have the choice not of weapons, but of oils: Pacific pearl based on verbena and citrus, Amber garden (amber, bean, tonka, rose) or flower of the islands (Tiare flower, vanilla)? https://www.lenarcisseblanc.com/spa/

At the heart of an opulent gym near the Porte d'Auteuil, the fairy fingers ofAurélie Riou (16th) send you straight to 7th heaven. For dessert, stretching the neck, especially with a towel, is incredibly relaxing and the Kobido-inspired facial massage, a delicious caress full of surprise. A subtle kneading of the scalp will bring you a last thrill. One of the best massages in Paris. https://wellnessbyaurelie.mytreatwell.fr/

Abhyanga massage

Carole (5th) welcomes you on the top floor of a Haussmannian building overlooking the Val-de-Grâce. Grace may also touch you a few minutes later thanks (decidedly) to her fabulous Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage with hot oil, from the tradition of northern India. Invigorating, fast then deep, Carole's movements give you an incomparable feeling of well-being. https://carolemassagesbienetre.mytreatwell.fr/

Ayurvedic massage

In Saint-Maur (94), Body Whispers offers a full range of personalized care and body maintenance (electrostimulation, power plate, split tabata, etc.) in a family atmosphere. The Anne-Laure massage begins once is not customary with a kneading of the belly which aims to release the tensions. The rest is a captivating journey, where variation rhymes with relaxation. https://www.bodywhispers.fr/

Bamboo massage

Eleonore (11th) is a former stylist who has been offering a wide range of massages for three years, including bamboo. Previously heated, they stimulate blood circulation and eliminate toxins. The ideal instrument for a revitalizing massage, but also for relieving muscle tension and relieving stress or fatigue. http://www.songedebienetre.com/

Deep Tissue Massage

Nestled in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and built on the remains of an old abbey, the 5 * hotel Relais Christine (6th) has housed a charming spa for two years. In the perfume cellar filled with bottles decorated with bees (the emblem of the Guerlain family), we welcome you with a hibiscus juice accompanied by a warm towel for the hands, scented with Cashmere Water. Margot's imperial cream muscle massage offers delicious fruity relaxation. https://relais-christine.com/fr/spa.html

Didier & Emmy Massage, just for you two

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Hawaiian massage

Self-employed for three years, Magali Banos (13th) excels in the art of Lomi-Lomi, also called Hawaiian massage. Using her forearms, she works on the muscles and soothes tension. A black tea with bergamot as the icing on the cake. http://www.rdvbienetre.com/

Japanese massage

In the Odéon district, the Phoenix Nest (6th) is a refined place where two ancient Asian arts meet, with recognized benefits for body and soul: the art of tea and the art of massage. The institute also markets a selection of Chinese and Japanese teas, as well as products related to relaxation or meditation (incense, chimes, wind bells, etc.). https://www.lenidduphenix.fr/

Near the Trocadéro, Yusuka (7th) means "smell of yuzu (Japanese lemon)" in the language of the samurai. Created by Sympatric Sayaka, who speaks our language very well (she started a family in France), this institute offers an incredibly relaxing lymphatic massage based on essential oils from the land of the Rising Sun. The final bouquet, a vigorous massage of the head and neck, is exceptional. To warm up the body, we then serve you a tea ... necessarily with yuzu. https://www.yuzuka.fr/

Sports massage

The Molitor swimming pool (16th) reopened in May 2014 and houses a superb spa which provides a 5 * golfer massage, ideal for relieving tension, especially at the back. All lulled by lounge music a bit jazzy in a large cabin, which adjoins a private cloakroom also serving as a shower. To test absolutely. https://www.mltr.fr/fr/spa/soins-sportifs/

Tibetan massage

A la Nature du Tibet (15th), in one of the two beautifully decorated rooms, Takho's traditional massage is deep, rhythmic and incredibly relaxing, while a Tibetan mantra wishes you happiness in the background. The ideal place for those who appreciate deep and energetic movements. A real favorite. http://www.lanaturedutibet.fr/

Thai massage

Number 1 out of 932 in the “Spas in Paris” category on Trip Advisor, Ban Sin Thai (15th) is necessarily unavoidable. An undulating and incredibly varied massage based on chamomile oil and jojoba, a small interior garden as a backdrop and a herbal tea with dried lemongrass, pandanus leaf and Bengal quince for dessert. A taste of paradise? https://bansinthai.fr/

Le Laï Thaï (11th) is an authentic cocoon which benefits from excellent word of mouth and welcomes many celebrities, not far from the Bastille. Madame Boï, one of the oldest Thai masseuses in the capital, wonderfully uses the Nuad Bo'Rarn technique, which alternates pressure with the palms of the hands or the thumbs and stretching, thus allowing all the energies to be s 'to balance. https://www.laithai-massage.fr/fr

Tui Na Massage

Near the Porte de Vincennes (12th), the Tuina Beauty Institute is embodied by the smiling Jia, who uses her long experience - she has been massaging for 28 years - to work on your meridians, all coiled under a heating blanket and a hot water bottle. An exquisite ginger tea is served for dessert. http://www.tuina-beaute.com/

This is the highest rated tui na massage on Trip Advisor. Soleil Relaxes (13th) is a large salon which offers quality massages and which could, in the future, be enhanced with a spa. It is in the works. https://www.soleilrelaxe.com/

Lanqi (15th) is the largest independent spa in Paris, which bears the name of the owner, originally from Mongolia. While you immediately relax with a Himalayan herbal foot bath, Lanqi manipulates your hands and forearms to detect the problems you are suffering from. The ancestral massage - very vigorous - will then be adapted to your needs, with the particular objective of rebalancing the yin and the yang, the body and the spirit. An astonishing experience. https://lanqi-spa.com/

Where to find the best treatments & massages in Paris?

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Massage with suction cup

The smiling Patricia (12th) welcomes you in a beautiful Haussmannian apartment in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine. This professional masseuse who has worked for a long time in the spas of large hotels varies the rhythms and techniques of the whole world (Thai, Balinese, tui na ...) before using suction cups to remove moisture from the body and improve blood circulation . Very effective. https://www.lessoinsdepatricia.com/contact

Hydrojet bed

Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the institute Massäg & Aesthetic (8th) offers a high-end service and a signature treatment: a classic massage with sweet almond oil combined with a dressed massage on a state-of-the-art hydrojet bed. Lying on a floating mattress, a jet of lukewarm water with a wide variety of movements and intensity (which you choose yourself using a remote control) removes tension in a few minutes. Excellent value. https://www.institut-massag.fr/


Coline Madral (13th) has specialized in plantar reflexology for ten years and welcomes you not far from Place d'Italie. Inspired by the Tao Wei method, this ancestral therapy helps the body to regain its self-healing power. The treatment can also be combined with a traditional massage. http://www.colinemadral.com/reflexologie-et-massages/


In a beautiful setting on the Place des Vosges, Aline Faucheur (4th) and his daughter Othilie provide you with one of the best Kobido in Paris. This very fashionable facial massage, which draws its inspiration from China and Japan, was initially reserved for empresses and geishas. A fluid and soothing gesture based on 100% natural SkinIdent, Lodesse and Tata Harper products as well as a homemade organic Jojoba oil nourish, repair and rejuvenate your skin. Guaranteed (very) relaxing effect. https://www.kobido-faucheur-paris.com/

First to be initiated in France by Dr Shogo Moshizuki, master of the 26th generation, Elisabeth Alimi (15th) welcomes you in an intimate setting. The fingers of this former portrait painter dance on your skin, stimulating lymph and blood circulation, eliminating toxins and providing an incredible feeling of fullness. Elisabeth confides that the majority of her clients pass from her expert hands to the arms of Morpheus during the treatment. https://www.souffle-de-jeunesse.fr/

Facial care

Next to Maxim's, the institute Ingrid Millet (8th) offers different facial treatments based on caviar. Luxury, calm and pleasure guaranteed in the hands of charming Lisa. A must. https://www.ingridmillet.com/index.php?m=treatments-fr

A stone's throw from the most beautiful avenue in the world, the Spa Diane Barrière at Fouquet's (8th) offers an idyllic setting to test the “care of legends”, inspired by Kobido and associated with the Kos brand. Plumping and lifting effect on the skin and guaranteed relaxation. You can extend the pleasure around the superb indoor pool, adorned with moldings, masterpieces and even a library. https://www.hotelsbarriere.com/fr/paris/le-fouquets/activites/le-spa-diane-barriere.html

In the heart of the beautiful Parisian districts, Weleda Institute (8th) opened in June 2006 and offers skincare products from the brand, a pioneer in the organic field. Witch hazel milk, sweet almond oil, anti-oxidant pomegranate cream are notably on the program for a signature facial treatment that adapts to your skin. Scalp massage with rosemary toning lotion is the icing on the cake. https://www.weleda.fr/espace-weleda

Imal Well-being (10th), it is first and foremost the story of a passion of two sisters from Algeria, Amel and Lamia, for care and beauty products. The institute celebrates its 10th anniversary this month and offers a signature treatment lasting 1h30 based on organic argan oil, combining face and body massage. A homemade fruit juice of your choice is then served with a few hazelnuts. https://www.imalparis.com/fr/c-soins-imal-nail-bar-paris/les-soins-par-imal-13700

Rue d'Alésia, we take you in hand from head to toe (hairstyle, face, massage) to the House of Beauty by Sylvie H (14th). Carita treatment, welcome massage with beauty fluid 14, scrub with sunflower seeds and essential oils based on cloves, thyme and lemon, activation of tissues via microcurrent pens and metal gloves, light therapy , then day cream and eye contour make your skin younger and more radiant after an astonishing 1h45 journey. https://www.maisondebeautesylvieh.fr/home

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