Not a grim sky or an impending storm. No, the disruption took root more than two years ago in the Middle East, where there was talk of an innovative golf league that would rival the PGA Tour and potentially select some of the Tour's best players.

US Open & LIV Golf: a storm rises at the Country Club

©John Mummet/USGA

Last week, the league known as LIV Golf, backed by Saudi Arabia and led by Greg Norman, played its first tournament in London. The headliners were Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Louis Oosthuizen, Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter. Also last week, Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed agreed to join the LIV Golf team.

All of these players have been suspended from the PGA Tour by commissioner Jay Monahan.

This week, outside Boston, all the best players in the world converged to try to win the 3rd Major tournament of the season, the United States National Championship.

Still, the majority of the conversation focused on LIV Golf. Question after question after question focused on LIV Golf.

Two-time US Open champion and four-time major tournament winner Brooks Koepka has had enough. In fact, the calm demeanor on and off the golf course got a little fired up when he met the media.

“I'm here at the US Open. I'm ready to play the US Open, and I think it kinda sucks, too, that y'all throw that black veil over the US Open.", said Brooks Koepka on Tuesday. “It's one of my favorite events. I don't know why you keep doing this. The more legs you give her, the more you keep talking about it. »

A few questions later, LIV Golf returned to the mat. And even. And even.

Is there a dollar amount that would make you go to LIV Golf? Isn't LIV Golf perfect for you since you can focus on the majors and play 8-10 other tournaments with huge bonuses? What about the future of LIV Golf?

" I don't understand. I'm trying to focus on the US Open, man. I really do not understand. I'm tired of these conversations. I'm tired of all this stuff", he said. “Like I said, you're casting a dark shadow over the US Open. I think that sucks. In fact, I feel bad for them for once because it's a shitty situation. We're here to play, and you're talking about an event that happened last week. »

US Open Golf 2022: the TV program for the 4 days of competition

Find here the program of the US Open Golf, 121rd editing :

Thursday June 16

  • From 17 p.m.: 1st round (Golf+)
  • From 22:55 p.m.: 1er tour (Canal+Sport)

Friday June 17

  • From 17 p.m.: 2nd round (Golf+)
  • From midnight: 00nd round (Canal+Sport)

Saturday June 18

  • From 18 p.m.: 3nd round (Golf+)
  • From 23 p.m.: 3rd round (Golf+ and Canal + Sport)

Sunday, June 19

  • From 18 p.m.: 4nd round (Golf+)
  • From midnight: 20nd round (Canal+Sport)
  • From 22:30 p.m.: 4th round (Canal+)

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