Charly Aourir, certified fitness coach in nutrition, offers in his book Méconnaissable en 60 J, a simple, balanced and varied 60-day program to lose weight without frustration. Day after day, this book helps to evolve towards a new body by anchoring good habits: the secret of a deep and lasting transformation.

Unrecognizable in 60 days by Charly Aourir

Unrecognizable in 60 days by Charly Aourir © Marabout

Reach your goal in 60 days, that's what awaits you in Unrecognizable in 60D. Every day, you will be invited to discover a theme and a tool to evolve. You may not know where to start or how to navigate through the jungle of information that surrounds your weight loss and/or fitness plans... But day after day, you will gain confidence in yourself and see your goals more clearly. Throughout the pages, Charly Aourir will explain to you how to set your intentions, gradually get back in motion, adopt a way of life that will gradually become second nature. By working together on physical activity, mental and nutrition, you will succeed in initiating deep and lasting change, gently and with kindness.


The first steps to start with Charly:

« I have some info for you. 37 is the average number of steps an athlete takes when running a marathon. And before taking all these steps, be certain that he has taken many others! Real steps, but also psychological steps: visualizing your goal, equipping yourself, training, resting, measuring your progress, starting over... All success begins with a first step. This is exactly the objective that I propose to you in the coming days. Don't leave right away! Let me explain… Your first steps are your first intentions, the impulse that will lead you to your physical ideal. Moreover, we are going to start by defining this ideal together. Then I will help you equip yourself with the first knowledge necessary to create your key habits. Your own marathon will be unique, simple, adapted to your body and your personality. I promise, in a few days, your future-you will thank you for starting to change today. »

You will find inside this book full of advice on nutrition, on how to properly understand product labels, fitness exercises with advice suitable for everyone. The book is divided into several parts to have consistency in your progress, you will start on page 11 with the first steps, then you have the anchoring, the action, the discipline, the let go and to finish with the metamorphosis. With this book, you will reach your goal in 60 days. You have more than 150 pages to learn everything about the human body and to know all the tips on your lifestyle.

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