The city of Argenteuil and Ugolf announce a partnership for the discovery of golf. Sponsored by Camille Lacourt, this partnership aims to introduce golf to as many people as possible.

UGolf: a partnership with the city of Argenteuil

©Signature Argenteuil and Ugolf

The official signing of the partnership between the City of Argenteuil (95) and Ugolf took place today. Carried out in the presence of Georges Mothron, Mayor of Argenteuil, Khaled El Haddad, elected delegate for sport and members of the management of Ugolf, this signature constitutes a first step in the common commitment of the golf operator and the municipality of 'Argenteuil to bring golf, an Olympic sport and yet still too often considered elitist, into the daily lives of Argenteuil residents.

"Because Ugolf attaches particular importance to learning golf for children, we are happy to establish this partnership with the City of Argenteuil, as we have already done with other communities, in favor of the development golf for all. We hope that it will arouse passions and vocations. » Explain Pierre-André Uhlen, Managing Director of Ugolf.

To support this unifying project, French swimmer Camille Lacourt, a golf enthusiast, will lead the operation. And for good reason, the five-time world and European swimming champion is campaigning for the practice of sport among young people. He will take part in an exceptional masterclass for members of associations to share his passion and his experience as an international athlete.

Sharing as a value

The City of Argenteuil and Ugolf place sport and its accessibility for all audiences at the heart of their values. A real factor of social ties, respect and sharing, sport is particularly structuring for young people, and allows the development of interpersonal skills. It is therefore quite natural that this partnership, which is part of a dynamic sports policy for Argenteuil, and for Ugolf, in its objective of making golf accessible to all, was born.

A partnership punctuated by highlights

Through this partnership, a first phase will allow more than 250 young people from Argenteuil to take part in introductory courses during school holidays and 11 educators in golf teaching training.

Since April 2022, the Golf Ugolf de Cergy Vauréal (95) has offered young people from Argenteuil:

  • a one-week golf cycle for 8-12 year olds
  • a training cycle for territorial educators of physical and sports activities
  • 10 “discovery” sessions during the summer holidays (1200 students in total)
  • the practice of golf in real conditions for 120 students at the end of the “golf cycle”

These operations, initially intended for young people, will evolve over the year to open up to all audiences thanks to introductory workshops, learning the basic rules or even the initiation of the game in autonomy.

The next appointments in the presence of Camille Lacourt:

  • May 28: golf workshops as part of the Discovery of Olympic sports week at the parc des cerisiers
  • September 10: a golf course as part of the Salon des Associations at the Parc des Berges
  • June: a masterclass on success through sport