The new Titleist TSR1 range of blades will be available for fitting and pre-sale on February 2 and in golf stores worldwide on February 23.

Titleist introduces the TSR1 range of blades and drivers

New Titleist TSR1 range

Titleist introduces the latest members of its TSR family of woods with the launch of the new TSR1 drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. Designed for moderate swing speed players with driver swing speeds below 90 mph – the TSR1 promotes optimal launch conditions with an ultra-lightweight design, improved aerodynamics and center of gravity (CG) strategically placed. The range is designed to maximize ball speed, distance and a high launch angle effortlessly without sacrificing forgiveness, look or feel.


The TSR1 driver is designed to generate speed and distance with its ultra-lightweight design. According to studies, moderate speed players make up about one third of golfers worldwide. The TSR1 driver provides these players with a launch angle and ball speed that effortlessly gains distance on every drive.

Titleist introduces the TSR1 range of blades and drivers

Titleist Driver TSR1

As a 460cc driver the TSR1 is approximately 40 grams lighter than the TSR2, the weight savings come from a lighter head weight, 40 gram shaft and light grip. The weight reduction combined with better aerodynamics and a shape similar to the TSR2, allows golfers to swing the TSR1 faster through the air. VTF Multi-Plate Technology, found in other TSR driver designs, helps retain ball speed off-center hits, while a near-perfectly centered CG on the face promotes a better launch angle and exceptional ball speed.

“The TSR1 range represents an ongoing commitment to delivering speed to all styles of players”, said Stephanie Luttrell, Director of Titleist Blade Development. “With the TSR1 driver, we found more speed and height for the player through a lightweight design, better aerodynamics and our deepest CG ever in a Titleist driver.”

TSR1 drivers feature MMT SpeedMesh shafts that weigh less than 40 grams in all flexes, delivering ultra-light speed paired with incredible stability and energy transfer at impact.


The TSR1 fairway woods are the lightest and most high in the TSR range. They are designed to help moderate swing speed players achieve better ball speed and height on every shot. The TSR1 fairway woods have a larger head volume than the TSR2 woods, at 180cc, however the TSR1 is 20 grams lighter.

Titleist introduces the TSR1 range of blades and drivers

Titleist TSR1 Fairway Wood

The open hosel construction allows for a lower CG, which promotes a better launch angle and greater forgiveness. The TSR1 fairway woods also have a 15% higher MOI than their predecessors thanks to improved shape and weight distribution. TSR1 fairway woods are designed for golfers looking for more height and ball speed.

“When designing the TSR1 fairway woods, the top priority was to achieve a high launch angle”, said Josh Talge, Vice President of Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “We wanted to create the highest trajectory and most forgiving fairway woods possible. The result is a seamless transition between the TSR1 driver and the rest of your bag.


Designed for golfers looking for distance and stability in their game, the TSR1 hybrids deliver more speed and higher MOI thanks to their improved profile and ultra-lightweight construction.

Hybrid TSR1

A larger “wood” type club head allows for a lower center of gravity and a more reassuring look at address. Despite its wider profile, the design of the TSR1 hybrid allows for performance gains without increasing swingweight. The TSR1 Hybrid's shafts use a .0,335 tip and are 1⁄2 inch longer than previous generations for increased speed and launch angle.

“To meet the growing demand for more open woods, the TSR1 hybrids are the most fairway-like hybrids we have ever made,” said Tallow. “With a wider profile and slightly longer shaft, the TSR1 hybrids promote the ball speed and high launch angle that golfers can expect from a fairway wood, but with the flexibility of additional lofts to adapt to the rest of the bag.”


  • Ultra-Lightweight Setup: TSR1 drivers, fairway woods and hybrids have been stripped of all superfluous grams, from head to grip, to ensure the lightest construction possible without sacrificing performance.
  • Multi-platter VTF design on the TSR1 driver: The new VFT technology, which debuted with the TSR2, TSR3 (Speed ​​Ring) and TSR4 drivers, is now present on the TSR1, optimizing ball speed on off-center strikes.
  • Deep CG, High MOI: Each TSR1 model's center of gravity is positioned low on the club, increasing MOI and maximizing launch angle and ball speed. The TSR1 drivers feature the lowest CG of any Titleist driver, now almost perfectly centered on the face, while the open hosel construction of the fairway woods and wood-like profile of the hybrids optimize CG placement.
  • Confidence Shape The larger clubfaces of TSR1 fairway woods and hybrids provide maximum impact forgiveness and greater confidence in front of the ball, while the updated shape of the TSR1 driver allows it to better position itself at address and aerodynamic improvements help swing it faster through the air.
Titleist introduces the TSR1 range of blades and drivers

New Titleist TSR1 range


  • Driver: Right-handed: 9°, 10°, 12° | Left-handed: 10° (9° and 12° only in fitting)
  • Fairway wood: Right-handed and Left-handed: 3W (15°), 5W (18°), 7W (20°), 9W (23° | fitting only)
  • Hybrid: Right-handed and Left-handed: 4H (20°), 5H (23°), 6H (26°), 7H (29° | only in fitting)


TSR1 drivers, fairway woods and hybrids feature Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh shafts, designed for players looking for an ultra-light setup with maximum speed and stability. MMT (Metal Mesh Technology) is made with lighter, thinner materials and applied to the tip section to maximize energy transfer. The MMT SpeedMesh shafts have a total weight of less than 40g (woods) and 50g (hybrids) for all flexes, the perfect complement to the lightweight construction of the TSR1.


  • Driver and fairway wood: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 40 (Men's) and 35 (Women's)
  • Hybrids: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 50 HY (Men) and 40 HY (Women)


Driver: 45.75” (44.5” Women)
Fairway wood: 43”, 42”, 41.5”, 41” (1” less for women's versions) Hybrid: 40.5”, 40”, 39.5”, 39” (1” less for women's versions)


  • Drivers: Golf Pride TV 360 Lite Gray Flat Cap
  • Fairways: Golf Pride TV 360 Lite Plus Dark Gray Flat Cap
  • Hybrids: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 No Paintfill


DRIVER TSR1 649,00€ | FAIRWAY TSR1 349,00€ | HYBRID TSR1 €329

The new Titleist TSR1 drivers, fairway woods and hybrids will be available for pre-sale February 2 and in golf stores worldwide from February 23.

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