“We Go Farther,” a new four-part documentary series chronicling the Titleist Speed ​​Project, an R&D breakthrough that led to the resurgence of Titleist drivers on the PGA TOUR. The series debuts today on the Titleist YouTube channel and at Titleist.com/We-Go-Farther.

“We go farther” Titleist

Today, the TSR is one of the fastest and most popular drivers in the game. But not so long ago, Titleist drivers had a different reputation. We Go Farther takes you to the heart of the Titleist Speed ​​Project, a six-year journey that turned a daunting challenge into a resounding success on the Tour. Meet the team that paved the way and find out what it takes to harness pure speed

The Titleist TS drivers, the first models developed under the Titleist Speed ​​Project, made their debut at the 2018 US Open in Shinnecock Hills. A total of 17 players switched immediately to TS models that week, an impressive number especially for the week of a major championship.

For the first time since 2000, more players used Titleist drivers on the PGA TOUR during the 2018-2019 season than any other brand. With the introduction of the new generation of TSi and TSR models, Titleist has remained the most used driver brand on the PGA TOUR for four seasons and counting.

"I feel like I can hit the lowest in the wind, I feel like I can hit the highest to get over a bunker, and I've gotten those extra 10 [meters] in the last five years that I haven't had. not,” Jordan Spieth says in Episode 4. “Over the span of a season, it makes a huge difference.”
Last season, Titleist drivers were used to win 16 PGA TOUR events, including three major championships. Justin Thomas (PGA Championship) and the US Open champion played with TSi3 drivers, while Cameron Smith won the Open Championship with his TSR3 just weeks after the new models were launched on the circuit.

Max Homa's win at the Farmers Insurance Open last week marked the 30th win for TSR riders on all of the world's professional circuits.


Episode 1 – A line in the sand

“We go farther” Titleist

Go back to the start of the Titleist Speed ​​Project to see the seeds of innovation that led to the development of the Titleist TS, TSi and TSR drivers. Hear how it all started and how the rubber met the road in the team's unparalleled pursuit of speed

Episode 2 – Proving Ground

“We go farther” Titleist

As the new TS drivers are nearing completion, the team is reaching its first "now or never" moment. If he passes the test, aggressive plans to launch him are on the horizon. Even tight fairways, punishing roughs and high stakes can't stop the Titleist Speed ​​Project from rolling.

Episode 3 – Breaking Through

“We go farther” Titleist

After doing it once, the question becomes, "Can you do it again?" ". As the Titleist Speed ​​project transitions from TS to TSi, the team hits a wall. Physics not wanting to give in, it's time to bring out the heavy artillery. All it takes is a bit of “space metal” to set off fireworks and a series of celebrations.

Episode 4 – Pushing further

Titleist Presents 'We Go Farther' Documentary Series

On the other side of success, the Titleist Speed ​​Project team seeks to prove that the end of their innovation is not in sight. As the TSR rider takes shape, the newest team member proves that sometimes the smallest improvements can bring the biggest benefits.

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