Tiger Woods wrote a new page in golf history by winning the Masters again fourteen years later. Another incredible record for the Tiger worthy of the greatest sporting exploits of the modern era.

Tiger Woods, Masters 2019: the phoenix rises from the ashes

Tiger Woods, wearing his fifth green jacket - © Masters Tournament via Twitter

The 2019 Masters lived up to the hype. Tiger Woods has opened a new page of history! The exceptional players on the PGATour / European Tour were there, including an exceptional Molinari… But in the end, the Molinari, Koepka, Poulter, Finau, Sc Chaudele and Cantlay all bowed to the Tiger. After 4 back operations and welded vertebrae, Woods was able to display an exemplary mentality to achieve a magnificent victory which sublimates golf. Only Tiger Woods was capable of such a feat An example for every human being: never let go, believe in yourself, fight relentlessly, stay focused on your goal and train, work.

Dustin Johnson, four birdies on the last five holes

Dustin Johnson stood out from the lead in the home stretch, registering four birdies on the last five holes. Johnson was -12 at the end of the last lap.

A tough 15th hole for Molinari

Francesco Molinari spent most of the weekend with the leaders, but his double bogey on the 15th hole took a toll on him. Molinari entered the hole at -12 and came out at -10. He never managed to recover, finishing tied for fifth place.

The Tiger ignites on the 15

Molinari's double bugy was tough enough, but Tiger's birdie didn't help. This is when Woods took the initiative.

The Tiger's masterstroke came at 16 but had to settle for a birdie narrowly missing the hole-in-one that Bryson DeChambeau and Justin Thomas were able to achieve. The Tiger had just taken the blow to isolate himself in the lead with two lengths in advance. He just had to "ensure", which he did during the last holes.

Woods secured the par on the 17th. Brooks Koepka did not catch up on the 18th, Woods was still credited with a two-stroke lead, which, barring any madness, secured him victory with just one. hole still to be made.

A bogey was enough for his happiness and this is exactly how he completed this Masters on a final putt. Celebration followed, as Tiger won his fifth green jacket, 14 years after his last, and 11 years after his last Major.

Tiger Woods then let his joy explode, which was matched only by a public all committed to his cause. At 43, he quite simply signed one of the most fabulous comebacks in the history of sport.

"I don't know what to say, it's moving what is happening to me"said the greatest golfer in the world. “Just a year ago, I thought I was lucky to still be able to play golf at the highest level. I was absent for two years from the circuit due to my repeated injuries. To be able to win here twenty-two years after my first victory is something incredible. Win in front of mine, there are no words. My mother, my children… When my son fell into my arms, it was a very special moment. He lost his football tournament yesterday (Saturday), so he was able to come see me on the last lap. It is something unique. This victory is necessarily special. It comes eleven years after my last title in Major. Just for that, I place this success at the top! It's just unreal. "

It is his 15th Grand Slam, which brings him closer to record holder Jack Nicklaus with his 18 victories.