As every year since 1er confinement, LeClub Golf organizes the Best Golfer's Choice which rewards the most popular golf course in the network. This digital event takes place on the LeClub Golf facebook page. Since 2020, success has been there with in 2022, more than 40 likes (between March 000 and April 15) on all the photos posted and shared by the golf community.

Ugolf Villenave d'Ornon wins the title of Best Golfer's Choice 2022


Behind this fun digital event, it is above all an opportunity for golf courses to demonstrate their ability to mobilize their community and to deploy a whole digital communication strategy.

The hot return of Quentin Le Marrec, director of Ugolf Villenave d'Ornon

From the beginning of the Best Golfer's choice, more than a month ago, you were determined to win, what was your strategy and preparation?

Throughout the year we communicate our news to members and our community, we anticipated by giving them a few little teasers and the motivation of the entire VDO team did the rest.

What was or were the most complicated golf courses to beat?

So in all honesty Mionnay will have been a much tougher opponent than we thought after struggling to eliminate the 2020 (Longwy) and 2021 (Téoula) title holders.

How did your team experience this competition?

They were in turmoil even before the start of the competition, working day and night to give 100% for the club. The whole team without exception played the game to win the title.

What has this event brought to your golf and your team?

Even if the atmosphere is already very good in Villenave d'Ornon, surpassing oneself and the desire to push the limits with a common goal unites the team and our community even more.

A few words about your opponent for this final?

A huge thank you to the entire Mionnay team and to Eric LACOUX who were a formidable opponent and who would have deserved to win the title as well. I hope to see them win next year (if VDO is no longer in the race 😉).

The course

It all starts with a qualification phase by region to present the 174 golf courses in the network. At the end of this qualification phase, 32 golf courses are qualified for the final phase in “Match Play” mode. Each match play lasts 24 hours (Facebook post with photos of the two golf courses).

Winners of previous editions

  • Longwy International Golf 2020
  • Ugolf Toulouse Teoula 2021
  • Ugolf Villenave d'Ornon 2022

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