PING unveils the new s159 wedge series, which offers 25 combinations and improved performance for the short game, combined with cutting-edge fitting software. This new generation of wedges is designed to offer golfers of all levels more consistency and increased control around the green.

PING presents the s159 wedges

Wedges s159

The s159 wedges, which have already proven themselves on Tour, are offered in 25 loft/sole combinations. They are available for fitting and pre-order today from authorized PING resellers.

“These new wedges represent our most comprehensive and versatile range to date, significantly improving wedge performance and expanding fitting options,” said John K. Solheim, CEO of PING. “ 

They are already a winner on Tour and we see many players adopting them around the world. They love the clean look, the soft feel and, above all, the ability to add spin with precise control. With six soles designed to perform in a variety of playing conditions and techniques, we have a wedge that suits every golfer.”

“In conjunction with the new wedges, we are excited to introduce the WebFit Wedge app. This is an online application designed to help golfers find the best insoles and gapping solutions for their game. It is a quick and easy experience that helps golfers overcome the confusion associated with purchase of wedges, recommending the s159 wedges which will allow them to considerably improve their performance around the greens.

Tour-inspired design suits all golfers

Extensive testing with PING players on Tour has created a range of wedges that will appeal to golfers of all levels. The 8620 carbon steel head is cast in an address-pleasing shape with a straighter leading edge, a design feature particularly beneficial for hitting full shots. An elastomer insert behind the face contributes to a softer touch. At address, the compact head features an improved hosel transition with consistent offset that fits seamlessly into the new Blueprint S and T irons. S159 wedges are available in two finishes in all 25 loft and sole combinations. Golfers can choose the PING Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish or Midnight, a new darker option that provides an attractive, anti-glare appearance.

PING presents the s159 wedges

Midnight finish or PING Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish

More regularity and control

The face grooves are precision machined to ensure consistency while minimizing spin variations in different conditions, allowing for greater control. The 54-62 degree options feature MicroMax grooves closer together. The 46 to 52 degree wedges are milled for better control on full shots. Combined with a hitting surface that adds friction, s159 wedges provide the launch and spin control needed to lower your score.

From a spin comparison perspective, the S159 wedges performed well in the company's popular wet to dry test. Achieved in a controlled environment by hitting 45 yard shots indoors with moisture applied to the face and ball, this is a key factor in validating on-course performance.

“Our R&D team gained great notoriety from this test, which revealed remarkable performance results when applied to our latest wedge models,” said Mr. Solheim. Many fitters call it the “spray bottle test.” The s159 still leads the wet test, outperforming other wedges. Since it's rare for a shot not to encounter some level of moisture or loss of friction, this type of control provides a clear and compelling advantage for the short game."

An educational and easy-to-use app to help fit golfers

PING presents the s159 wedges

WebFit Wedge

The WebFit Wedge app gives golfers a quick and easy way to determine which wedge sole is best for their game. Golfers answer a series of questions about their short game, including their typical playing conditions and technique , which gives rise to two sole suggestions. They can then present these recommendations to a fitter who will validate them and refine the wedge specifications. The app, which takes just a few minutes to use, also provides gapping information to help the player choose the right loft for their wedges.



“It's no secret that shopping for wedges can be confusing as golfers try to understand all the nuances of wedge design and what's best for them,” Solheim said. “With our new WebFit Wedge app, our goal is to simplify the process of finding a suitable wedge for the golfer while also explaining why a particular sole is best for them. It was developed in-house by our data experts and draws on our collection of wedge data, much of which comes from our relationship with Arccos, to make highly specific recommendations. »

“The app does not require downloading, logging in or registering. It is a very simple but very rewarding experience for users. It will be accessible via a QR code in golf stores and on We strongly encourage golfers to use the app in their wedge purchasing process. »

Two new soles inspired by the PING WRX

PING presents the s159 wedges

W sole, B sole, S sole, H sole, T sole, E sole

New “H” or Half-Moon sole : An option for players with more downward angles of attack who like to play with versatility. This sole performs better on soft ground. Available in 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°.

New “B” sole : For a shallow angle of attack and a face that arrives neutral at impact. Low-bounce design sits low to the ground for shots hit with a square face. This will provide forgiveness thanks to the width of the sole in order to reduce its score in firmer conditions. Available in 58°, 60°

“T” sole : The most versatile option allows players to manipulate the face to make precise shots on the greens. Ideal for medium to firm turf conditions, includes a 62 degree option as requested by our Tour pros for added versatility. Available in 58°, 60°, 62° (new)

“W” sole : Maximum tolerance in turf. Best suited to players who have a very steep angle of attack and who may also have a strong shaft lean. It is also suitable for players who prefer the look of a specialist wedge but need a little more forgiveness to reduce their score. Available in 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°.

“E” or Eye2 sole: It remains the quintessential bunker club, continuing a 40-year tradition of helping golfers get out of the sand. It plays with relatively low bounce on shots with a square or slightly open face. Available in 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°.

“S” sole: Adapts to a wide variety of conditions and techniques. Designed with a significant rebound in the center of the club for playing full shots, it offers great versatility at the edge of the green thanks to the relief of the heel. The new 48 degree option makes gapping easier. Available in 46°, 48° (new), 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°.

s159 wedge specifications

Material/Manufacturing process : Head in 8620 carbon steel; elastomer insert; Precision machined face and grooves; hydropearl 2.0 chrome or Midnight finish

PING presents the s159 wedges

Shaft and grip as standard

STANDARD SHAFTS: PING Z-Z115 wedge; PING Alta CB Black (SR, R, S)

OPTIONAL SHAFTS: PING AWT 2.0 (R, S, X), Dynamic Gold Mid 100 (R300, S300), Dynamic Gold (S300, (R100, S115), Dynamic Gold 300 (S100, X300), KBS Tour (R, S, X), Nippon NS Pro Modus100 105 (R, S, 300 (A), 300 (R, S), ALTA Quick (120, 300)

STANDARD GRIP: PING 360 Dyla-Wedge Lite

PVC : €215 per club with a standard steel shaft; €225 per club with a standard graphite shaft.

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