The Spa of the famous Molitor swimming pool, in the XVIe arrondissement, has been offering six different sports massages since last year, including one dedicated exclusively to golfers. Relaxation and effect guaranteed after an hour of top level.

  • The Molitor with great care for golfers
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It is a legendary place that reopened its doors in May 2014, near the Porte d'Auteuil, a stone's throw from Roland-Garros and the Parc des Princes. Inaugurated in 1929 by Johnny Weissmuller, alias Tarzan for those in the know, the Molitor swimming pool now houses a 5 * hotel as well as a 1700 m² Spa by Clarins. Since March 2018, in addition to “classic” treatments, the establishment has offered a range of six sports massages developed by Spa director Pascal Grevellec and tested by top athletes: Camille Lacourt (swimmer's massage), Sarah Ourahmoune (massage boxer), Muriel Hurtis (runner's massage) or Julien Benneteau (tennis player's massage). The golfer massage was validated by Alain Boghossian, who became scratch in golf after his title of world football champion in 1998.

The golfer's massage is a one-hour treatment in a large cabin, which adjoins a private changing room which also serves as a shower. The massage table and the headrest are extremely comfortable. You are lulled by a little jazzy lounge music while one of the six practitioners (and one practitioner) specially trained for this type of treatment devotes most of the first half hour to your back. Areas impacted during the swing such as the forearm flexors, pelvis, lower back and spine are specifically targeted. Effleurages, kneading, trigger points, figure 8 maneuvers, everything goes and the masseuse regularly helps her second hand to offer a double point of support. The session continues with the lower body then a series of stretches, especially of the back and adductors, which flirt with osteopathy and produce a real effect. A light massage of the neck and scalp is the icing on the cake for dessert. We get dressed with a feeling of fullness and a smile on our face.

"We studied all the evils linked to sports and it took us six months to design these massages", specifies Pascal Grevellec. This former sports physiotherapist allowed the Molitor to pass, in just two years, from the 147e the 26e placed on Trip Advisor in the “Spas in Paris” category and to be the first sports spa in the capital. Cryotherapy (cold treatment) has also been offered since March and a chiropractor provides care on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. The Molitor pool golfer's massage: an ideal remedy to relax you and forget about all your double bogeys. Or a great gift idea for your golfing friends.

Frank Crudo

* Price: 150 euros per week / 160 euros on weekends