From the top of its hill, the Château de la Messardière shines over Saint-Tropez. Distinguished Palace since 2012, the largest of the 5-star hotels in the Var naturally contributes to the reputation of this legendary village.


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The small winding road disappears in front of the majestic grid; a long alley lined with shimmering massifs invites you to the heart of the domain. In this preserved refuge, only birds punctuate this tranquility, the rumors of Saint-Tropez melt in silence. Standing in the eternal heat, the Château de la Messardière offers, from all sides, the most beautiful views of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the vineyards of Ramatuelle and the beaches of Pampelonne. Authentic 19th century residence, the castle was restored and enlarged in 1989. Turrets and domes, vaults and colonnades sublimate the light, shaping the space. They highlight the strength of this architecture with harmonious perspectives without altering the charm and character of yesteryear. Today it is a Mediterranean style hotel, in the heart of a 10 hectare pine forest. The brightest shades adorn its walls. The Provencal ochres compete with the azure of the sky, the velvety of the rooms soothe the heat of the sun. Over the years, a subtle marriage of styles has been created: wrought iron scrolls, Carrara marble, terracotta, English bar, Art Deco inspirations, Florentine trends…

The Acacia restaurant: a new lease of life at Château de la Messardière.

This season, chef David Millet has returned to his quarters at Château de la Messardière, renewing his commitment and his passion for his gourmet restaurant. After a successful first season at the helm of the establishment's kitchens, David millet is devoting himself completely to the château this year: the cold winter has allowed him to concoct and simmer his spring menu, signaling a promising return behind the tropézien stoves.


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“My cuisine is the story of my personal delicacy, the memory of a flavor around a table, the pleasures experienced during a family meal, the sharing of tastes with friends. Concerned and respectful of nature's products, I strive to prepare them in the healthiest ways ” points out David Millet. This Haut Savoyard native of Annecy knows the house well for having been at the head of its kitchens last summer and having had a first experience there in 2012. Indeed, after having operated 4 years as chef of the Airelles in Courchevel , David millet faced a new challenge in 2013: to sublimate the gastronomy of Château de la Messardière and strive for the highest levels of excellence. Precision cooking, product identity, rigor, he offers his refined, light and modern cuisine, influenced by his decisive meetings with great chefs such as Michel Renaud, his mentor, who will give him a chance, Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Ducasse for n 'to name a few. Surrounded by his loyal brigade and Florent Sautron at the rank of pastry chef, he is driven by passion and the desire to please. This young chef likes to work with local products and crackle the flavors. He creates an authentic and colorful cuisine of the sun which combines perfectly with the charm of the château. Thus, it offers a new spring menu introducing tasty dishes according to seasonality, including the vintage carnaroli “acquarello” risotto, monkfish, devil, or vanilla soufflé.

The restaurant, completely renovated, now bears the name "L'Acacia". For the occasion, the chef offers a "Mimosa" menu recalling the bright and vibrant colors of these solar trees, offering guests the opportunity to discover all the flavors of Provence. This delicious Mediterranean cuisine is to be savored at the Château de la Messardière, perched at the top of its hill, like a jewel in the heart of the village of Saint-Tropez. Ideally located between Monaco and Provence, the Château is three minutes from the beaches of Pampelonne and the overheated heart of Saint-Tropez. Distinguished palace since 2012, this unmissable Tropezian address has 55 suites and 62 rooms, each with a terrace or a private garden to allow guests to enjoy its sublime panoramas. This year again, this little corner of paradise offers a wealth of news and new discoveries: a new setting for the restaurant, new spa treatments this year joins the Club des V35, elite of spas of the Valmont brand and an attractive season culture will delight the most demanding customers.

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Photo: DR

The artistic and literary season

- Until June 16: Exposition of the Assaga (association of painters and photographers of La Garde Freinet).

- From June 18 to August 26: Exhibition "Toi & Moi", a dialogue between the artists Virginie Lhomme Fontaine and her companion Jean-Philippe Richard, well known to the guests of the castle since having invested the park of the castle in 2013 with its "Garden of Sculptures".

- From May 23 to 25: The Messardière Prize for the Roman de l'Eté, fourth in name, will be sponsored this year by Michel Legrand.

Castle Messardière

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