At a time when the French are overwhelmingly expressing the need to reconnect with nature and refocus on the essential, with health in mind, the golf industry believes more than ever in the power of attraction of its sport and seeks to promote its main and valuable assets.

The harmony of golf with nature and its proven health benefits, two major advantages!

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33 hectares of green to welcome the French

Not one golf course, not one course is like another because nature is an essential component of its identity. It is part of its tradition. She forged her character and wrote her story. She dictates the game, makes it unpredictable, and gives it all its charm. Quite simply, it provides the joy of practicing, in the open air, the most popular individual sport on the planet.

Nearly 700 regular players, including more than 000 licensed with the ffgolf, taste this pleasure every year in France. On more than 400 hectares of our territory, or 000 times the city of Paris, they benefit from a green and calm environment to escape and recharge their batteries. A need that is increasingly felt and that golf could fill.

More than just a playground

The share of rights-of-way devoted to games and buildings is low compared to the total area of ​​golf courses (around 50% of the total area). This proportion in favor of non-playing fields called “natural spaces” makes possible landscape and ecological management that increases the capacity to recreate and restore habitats. Golf, although this aspect is still unknown and underestimated, is a great place to preserve biodiversity. Playing golf in the heart of nature is also that. It is a look at an environment to be protected. As ecological awareness grows in France, this characteristic of golf cannot be ignored. As well as the benefits of the discipline on health.

The harmony of golf with nature and its proven health benefits, two major advantages!

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Golf, a sport that is good for the body ...

The golfer is not running. He walks. But he walks a long time and very regularly. An 18-hole course perfectly matches the number of steps per day recommended by doctors to stay fit and healthy. And that is not the only benefit.

The golfer:

  • is also perfectly socialized, surrounded most often by his faithful partners. This is one of the main reasons put forward by a very serious Swedish study to explain the gain of five years of life expectancy for golfers who practice their sport regularly. Golf, a low risk of injury sport, is suitable for players of all ages. It therefore promotes intergenerational dialogue and helps fight isolation. Maintaining or re-establishing social ties is now a real public health issue, a key factor in staying in good health for longer.
  • easily reaches maximum heart rate either due to terrain, environmental conditions or the stress of competition.
  • because of the specificities of his sport, is obliged to mobilize to try to maintain at least the strength in the lower limbs to be stable; at least strength in the grip, from having to hold the club; at least strength in the abdominals and back muscles to "hold" a position that allows you to turn without putting too much strain on the joints and trying to generate speed ...
  • to hit the little white ball, uses his ability to concentrate, visualize and manage stress; the only technique not being sufficient to come, satisfactorily, to the end of the course. And that thus, it preserves more its cognitive functions and it slows down its neurological aging.

… And which is good for the mind!

The golfer offers himself, thanks to his sport, an essential respite to our psychological balance. The relation to time in the practice of golf is likely to modify our immediate dependence on the reward, to register it in a different temporality than that of the frenzy of images and information that permeates the functioning of our brain, especially in youth.

Enough to give ffgolf and all the players in the industry objective reasons to believe that golf can prove to be the discipline that the French dare more and more, ending up practicing it with their family, another asset. major among others that the Federation is currently highlighting as part of a national communication campaign, "golf is for life"

The harmony of golf with nature and its proven health benefits, two major advantages!

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Golf is for life

Golf is a lifelong balance. Golf is about respect for others and for the land for life ... The ffgolf campaign stresses strong and recognized values ​​of the discipline to which the French seem to attach more and more importance.

French people invited during this back-to-school period to discover golf while a large number of clubs throughout France are currently offering initiations.

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