Female driving is developing and taking shape within the Porsche Clubs. The Federation of Porsche Clubs of France brings together 29 Official Porsche Clubs and 5370 members passionate about the Porsche brand. Women are involved in it at all levels.

The first "Ladies" Rally of the Porsche Clubs of France takes place from June 26 to 29, 2019The President of the FFPC, Claude Varon is satisfied with the evolution of his federation. “With all the clubs, we organize over 400 events each year. This is a high figure and yet, on each of the major events organized, the participation is significant and mixed; on the more “competitive” sessions, female crews are often awarded prizes.

Our federation and the clubs that constitute it are increasingly committed to promoting the Ladies' activity; to this end, we are strengthening and increasing training in sport driving and access to driving sessions. The rise of female driving within Porsche clubs is such that a group has even been created and identified by a logo, they are the French Ladies… This is why it seemed natural to us to organize an event 100% feminine ! The project saw the light of day this year and was “full box” as soon as registration opened. It will be the 1st Ladies' Rally of the Porsche Clubs of France ”.

The first "Ladies" Rally of the Porsche Clubs of France takes place from June 26 to 29, 2019

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The rally: concept & route

The objective is to live between women - without the “competition” men / women - a pleasant moment of sharing in a Porsche environment specific to the FFPC. This is a tourist rally which also includes regularity tests, organized on roads open to traffic, as well as a driving session on the circuit. A classification will be made by a Jury to reward the most efficient crews.

This rally is reserved for 30 100% female teams, made up of women members of an Official Porsche Club and driving on Porsche coupes and convertibles (excluding Panamera, Cayenne, Macan). The route is about 1200 kms, to be completed in 4 days starting on June 27 from the Porsche Center in Roissy, directed by Maud Gallice. After a stage in Burgundy, where a driving session on the circuit will take place, the crews will head south-east on June 28, to arrive in Savoie, on the heights. On Saturday June 29, it will be time to assault the Grands Cols des Alpes and cross them, to reach the Alpes-de-HauteProvence. The engines are cut off near the beaches of the Mediterranean.

The 30 crews in the running are from Clubs: 914/928 / Atlantic / Burgundy Franche Comté / Brittany Pays de Loire / Center / Champagne Ardennes / Mediterranean / Nord-Picardie / Paris / Pays de Savoie / Portes de Provence / Roussillon / RS de France / Spyder Speedster de France / Tourcoing.

To know more : http://porscheclub.fr

The first "Ladies" Rally of the Porsche Clubs of France takes place from June 26 to 29, 2019


2019 program of the French Federation of Porsche Clubs

The FFPC continues to see the number of its members increase and has set itself the objective of 6000 members in 2020. Sporty and tourist driving in a friendly atmosphere and with a concern for safety and quality is a leitmotif within the FFPC, which also notes a rise in female driving.

The Federation is also announcing the creation of the RALLYE TOURISTIQUE DES CLUBS LADIES, on June 26, 27 and 28, 2019.

Many events are organized by the FFPC and the various clubs throughout France in 2019. Here is the program.

1er semester 2019

February 6-10 in PARIS, Rétromobile

Annual Classic Car Show - Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center
Paris / Organizers: Classic clubs section

April 13-14 at SPA, Porsche Days Spa Francorchamps

Ride on the F1 circuit of SPA
Organizer: www.porsche-club-francorchamps-days.be

May 4-5 at LE CASTELLET, Porsche Spring Meeting
4ème edition

Driving on the F1 circuit PAUL RICARD - LE CASTELLET (83)
Organizer: www.porscheclub.fr

May 24-26 at DEAUVILLE, Porsche Casting Deauville
5ème edition

Tourist Expo-rally - DEAUVILLE (14)
Organizer: www.normandie-porscheclub.fr

May 25, in SAVOIE, Savoie Classic Car 7th edition

Tourist rally reserved for Classic / Organizer: www.savoie-porscheclub.fr

May 29 - June 2, in GERMANY, Meeting international 914

The great European celebration of 914 in Germany
Organizer: www.914-porscheclub.fr

June 7-9 in PERPIGNAN, Tra 'Montagne 4th edition

Tourist Expo-rally - PERPIGNAN (66)
Organizer: www.roussillon-porscheclub.fr

June 8-9 at AVIGNON, Classic Festival 13th edition

Tourist exhibition-rally reserved for Classic - AVIGNON (84)
Organizer: www.mediterranee-porscheclub.fr

June 21-22 at DIJON, Circuit Dijon Prenois

Tourist rally reserved for Federation Clubs - DIJON (21) / Organizer: www.bfc-porscheclub.fr

June 22-23 at DIJON, Rallye des Clubs Porsche France 16th edition

Driving on the Dijon-Prenois - DIJON (21) circuit / Organizer: www.motorsport-porscheclub.fr

June 21-23, in SAVOIE, Savoie Cup 13th edition

Tourist rally / Organizer: www.savoie-porscheclub.fr

26-28 June in FRANCE, Ladies Club Rally 1st edition

Tourist rally reserved for Ladies members of the Federation of Porsche Clubs of France
Organizer: www.porscheclub.fr

2nd semester 2019

August 30-31 at MAGNY-COURS, Porsche Days 5th edition

Driving on the F1 circuit of Magny-Cours / Organizer: www.porscheclub.fr

September 6-8 at CAP-FERET, Porsche Passion Cap Ferret 2nd edition

Tourist Expo-rally - CAP FERET (33) / Organizer: www.aquitaine-porscheclub.fr

September 7-8 at HARDELOT, Ch'ti Classic 7th edition

Expo-tourist rally-parade - HARDELOT (62) / Organizer: www.tourcoing-porscheclub.fr

September 3-14 at LE MANS, Circuit Bugatti

Driving on the Bugatti circuit - LE MANS (72) / Organizer: www.motorsport-porscheclub.fr

September 14-15 at MONTELIMAR, Nougat Cup 6th edition

Precision tourist hike - MONTELIMAR (26) / Organizer: www.portesdeprovence-porscheclub.fr

September 21-22 at 911 Classic 5th edition

Meeting of the Club 911 Classic / Organizer: www.911classic-porscheclub.fr

September in BARCELONA, Circuit of Barcelona

Driving on the F1 Barcelona Catalunya - BARCELONA (SP) circuit Organizer: www.toulousegascogne-porscheclub.fr

October 11-13 at SAINT-TROPEZ, Paradis Porsche 26th edition

Expo-tourist rally-parade - SAINT TROPEZ (83) / Organizer: www.mediterranee-porscheclub.fr

October in PARIS, Automedon

Annual vintage car show Paris-Le Bourget Exhibition Center / Organizers: Classic clubs section

November in LYON, Epoq'Auto

Annual vintage car show Eurexpo LYON (69) / Organizers: Classic clubs section