The Hero Cup is over and the victory goes to the continentals! In the lead after the doubles, the continentals were able to stay the course during the singles and won 14,5 to 10,5. In singles matches, Victor Perez won his match 4&2 against Jordan Smith. In total, he earned 3,5 points out of a possible four in this edition of the Hero Cup. Antoine Rozner was defeated by Tyrell Hatton 5&4.

Victor Perez, Antoine Rozner and the continentals win the Hero Cup

Continental Hero Cup winning team – via Twitter @DPWorldTour

The Hero Cup is over and it is the continental selection that finally wins after leading from start to finish: final score 14,5 to 10,5. It is recalled that the Hero Cup opposed a continental European selection to a British European selection.

Two Frenchmen were entered in this team event: Antoine Rozner and Victor Perez. The French number 1 Victor Perez performed particularly well during this competition bringing back 3,5 points out of four possible. The Tarbais formed a strong pair with the Italian Guido Migliozzi; two wins for a draw, before winning his singles match 4&2 against Jordan Smith.

Sunday was more difficult for Antoine Rozner who had to lose against the Englishman Tyrell Hatton 5&4. He did, however, earn one of the first continental points in the best-ball four-ball session by winning alongside Thomas Detry.

On the British side, the Scotsman Robert Macintyre must have marked the spirits of his, perhaps, future captain Luke Donald, earning 3 of the four possible points.

It is now hoped that this preparation competition has helped Luke Donald and his vice-captains in preparation for the next Ryder Cup in Rome in September 2023.

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