At the beginning of July, three star courses in the Bordeaux region each hosted a competition round of the Drives de Bordeaux by Pons Voyages & Promogolf: the Golf Bordelais, the Grand Saint-Emilionnais Golf Club and the Golf du Médoc Resort. Three exceptional days which ended with a gala dinner at Château Kirwan, 3rd Grand Cru Classé of Margaux. The opportunity for epicureans to combine the pleasures of golf and the Bordeaux region.

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20 km north of the Golf Bordelais, Château Kirwan is a confidential address that needs no word of mouth. A classified grand cru since 1855, Kirwan has played in the big league, located in Cantenac, on the blessed land of the great Margaux wines.

In front of the beautiful 38th century bourgeois mansion, the garden, also classified, displays its hundred-year-old trees, its arbor flowered with roses and vines as far as the eye can see on 1775 hectares ... Sold at the beginning of the 1787th century to an English merchant, Sir John Collingwood, the estate was taken over by his son-in-law Mark Kirwan, who gave his name to the castle in XNUMX. It is said that in XNUMX Thomas Jefferson, then United States Ambassador to France, called the Castle « second-rate grand cru« . The destiny of this exceptional wine was born. In 1926 Armand Schÿler, at the head of the very famous Maison Schröder and Schÿler, offered himself this castle located on the prestigious Margaux appellation. Today, the Schÿler family oversees the quality of the property, supported by Philippe Delfaut, the managing director.

A revisited terroir

Cellars of Château Kirwan

Cellars of Château Kirwan - © tplassais / swing femme

Mark Kirwan's historic cellars, dating from the 37th century, have been extended by creating a space fitted out with wooden barrels from the Allier region. The whole being connected to 1860 concrete tanks made to measure in Italy. In the historic cellar - the treasure room - we find the oldest bottles, some of which date back to XNUMX.

The terroir, located on a plateau rich in gravel and streaked by layers of clay in the subsoil, guarantees freshness and humidity to its vintages. Still on its original land south of Margaux, the 38 ha of the Kirwan vineyard are located for two thirds on the beautiful gravel of the Cantenac plateau, which surround the Château, the rest, to the west, being on a more clayey soil. This estate produces around 200 bottles per year. The grape variety is made up of Cabernet sauvignon (000%), Merlot (45%), Cabernet franc (30%) and Petit verdot (15%).

Under the leadership of General Manager Philippe Delfaut, production is becoming more thoughtful and respectful every year. Step by step, revealing the origin and authenticity of Kirwan. For more than 10 years, the estate has been concerned with its social responsibility with the objective of preserving its land, its resources, the health of employees and consumers. As such, the soils are maintained without herbicides, the most toxic products classified CMR are abandoned, insecticides and especially the doses of treatment products have been reduced by half. Since 2017, Château Kirwan has become one of the few High Environmental Value (HVE) farms certified HVE3, the highest level of certification, respecting the performance thresholds on biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilization management and water resource.

Château Kirwan has developed several discovery offers

Cellars of Château Kirwan

© tplassais / female swing

The eighth generation likes to tell the story of the castle, linked to the English in the eighteenth century, unfolding the family history and insisting on the human aspect, transmission, respect for the land. The castle opens its doors to the public, for tours of the property, tastings, meals, concerts and exhibitions.

At the entrance of the property, the Orangery, restored in 2009, offers 220m2 of reception space, accommodating up to 180 people. A panoramic 80m2 room with a breathtaking view of the vines on one side and the large barrel cellar on the other has a capacity of 50 people.

Workshops have been developed. Oenology to unravel the mysteries of the blend respecting the typicity of a Margaux wine. Perfume making to immerse yourself in the world of perfumery based on the aromas emanating from the tasting of Château Kirwan wines. Culinary with Chef Stéphanie Bottreau to prepare a lunch to enjoy with a selection of the best vintages from Château Kirwan. Informed amateurs can also learn to assess the potential of a wine during aging and understand all its complexity, or master the techniques of the vineyard and the production philosophy of the property: pruning in winter, leaf stripping / lifting. summer, and harvest in September / October.

Since this year, we can also book a sidecar dinner on 3 properties thanks to the partnership with two other Classified Growths of the Margaux appellation. The “Margaux Gourmet Trail” thus offers customers a change of decor with each dish to discover the typicity and complementarity of Margaux wines.

Les Drives de Bordeaux: a summer tournament closed with a visit to the cellars

Grand St Emilionnais

Grand St Emilionnais - © tplassais / women's swing


From July 2 to 4, the amateur golf match in doubles The Drives of Bordeaux brought together the participants in Bordeaux. The 2021 edition featured a very comprehensive program: three star courses in the region hosted each of the competition rounds: the Golf Bordelais, the Grand Saint-Emilionnais Golf Club and the Golf du Médoc Resort. Three tours, three exceptional routes, three days of discovery where each participant was able to enjoy three game options. The gala dinner at Château Kirwan, 3rd Grand Cru Classé of Margaux, was the opportunity for epicureans to combine the pleasures of golf and the Bordeaux terroir.

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