When it comes to golf apparel and shoes, Under Armor is one of the best brands in the business and the new Spieth 5 SL golf shoe is set to compete with other big brands in the universe like Footjoy, Adidas Golf, Nike. ...

Spieth 5 SL 2021: the innovative golf shoe by Under Armor

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It sells for € 199, golf shoes should be seen as an investment, not a short-term solution.

The new Spieth 5 SL shoe is designed to generate more power based on your position, the latest Under Armor golf shoe has been put to the test to see how it performs.

The Under Armor Spieth 5 SL in detail

Spieth 5 SL 2021: the innovative golf shoe by Under Armor

© Under Armor

The fifth version of Spieth's iconic golf shoe offers the comfort and feel of a spikeless shoe, with all the traction and power of a spiked shoe. With Under Armor's unique innovation in studless outsole construction - and the introduction of a “fourth dimension of traction” - you'll swear it's still studs with the same comfort and comfort. incredible traction, even in wet weather.

Developed in collaboration with Jean-Jacques Rivet, renowned bio-mechanic and main authority on the behavior of the foot during the golf swing, Under Armor has developed its own exclusive traction technologies: resistance to rotation in 2016, then the horizontal and vertical traction in 2019.

This fourth dimension of traction - inner traction - is achieved through the introduction of a new 3D molded sole that features an additional envelope on the medial side and top of the foot. This wrap eliminates the space between the foot and the shoe from the inside to create a fit tailored to your specific foot shape, reducing unwanted movement through internal traction.

Jordan Spieth - © Under Armor

The new Spikeless outsole design uses a durable and lightweight TPU with rubber tips injected into specially targeted areas so players don't miss out on traction during the golf swing.

The outsole also features flex channels that harness valuable performance information from biomechanics to improve grip, stability, and the ability to transfer power from the ground to the swing.

This is particularly noticeable in the forefoot where Under Armor has redesigned its existing flex channels to decouple the big toe, allowing it to stay in place longer in the swing and providing a major source of improved stability in the golf swing. .

Comfort is a given, thanks to the use of a full-length application of Under Armor's exclusive UA HOVR cushioning platform, providing golfers with comfort and energy return for the swing, while also remaining as low as possible from the ground, as Jordan himself requested.

The verdict

The new Under Armor Spieth 5 SL golf shoes performed extremely well on the golf course, as you would expect with a golf shoe from this brand.

With golf shoes it's important that you stay comfortable from the first to the last hole and that's exactly what we felt with the Spieth 5. SL

As soon as we put on the shoes we felt extremely comfortable, with that “wear and tear” feeling that usually takes a few turns to produce.

The 'fourth dimension of traction' the brand talks about was something we wanted to focus on and tested on the course. Although the grass was a bit damp on test day, the spikeless shoes retained all of their grip.

Spieth 5 SL 2021: the innovative golf shoe by Under Armor

© Under Armor

We still have to try them out in the rain, but we believe they will still perform as well thanks to the technology used by the brand and the feeling they gave in the first test.

The $ 199 price tag means these shoes are definitely on the premium side compared to other shoes on the market, but with unmatched comfort and the spikeless traction they offer, you certainly won't be disappointed.

That being said, if you are spending that much on a pair of golf shoes, it's important that they last and that you aren't looking for a new pair in 12 months. We are not yet able to tell you how durable these shoes are, but we will continue to test them throughout the year and keep you updated.

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