Open Golf Club, the chain of high-end tourist golf courses is now called Resonance Golf Collection. Its managing director, Laurent Boissonnas, tells us more. Interview.

Resonance Golf Collection: Open Golf Club gets a makeover

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Why did you change your name?

Above all to better reflect the positioning of our group and the challenges of our sector. Open Golf Club was created in 1987 in a different context, at the time most golf courses were managed by sports associations. We then proposed something new, which consisted in offering everyone the possibility of playing without paying a golf fee. It was "pay per play", without any other formality. Golf was much less popular than now. "Open" symbolized the idea of ​​golf open to all and "Club", the club spirit that we wanted to instil. Today, the stakes in golf have changed. Loyalty programs and discount offers have multiplied. The structures have become more professional, there are now close to 800 practitioners. It was time to switch brands.

Resonance Golf Collection: Open Golf Club gets a makeover

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Why did you highlight the word “Resonance”?

It is a very musical term, which is in tune with the values ​​of golf, but which also goes well beyond. It evokes rhythm, one of the keys to achieving a good shot. It also evokes echo, communion with the environment, nature. The idea of ​​reconnecting with nature is a current trend to which we are sensitive and which we wish to promote, as well as conviviality, family spirit, having a good time on a course and at the club house…

And “Collection”?

For the multi-site side. It's also more rewarding and upscale than the word “chain”. We offer our customers a collection of unique and varied golf courses, with a remarkable environment, a history, and high quality maintenance. We favor quality and uniformity, with around fifty courses often designed by prestigious architects, three of which appear in the continental top 100: Seignosse (Robert Von Hagge), Hardelot (Tom Simpson), Le Touquet (Harry Colt).

Resonance Golf Collection has the same meaning in French and English. It is voluntary ?

Yes. We are the most international of French brands, given the origin of our customers. In some golf courses, half of them are foreigners. This is particularly the case in Pas-de-Calais and Belgium, or even in the Alpes-Maritimes, with many Scandinavian, German, Italian players...

You have also adopted a new logo.

It reflects our values. It is a vegetal sphere in the shape of a golf ball which opens like the flight of birds or even the dandelion whose crests disperse when one blows on it. Between golf, fauna and flora, this again allows us to make the link with biodiversity. It is a fundamental and founding value of our brand.

Will there be anything new for Resonance Golf Collection customers as well?

We wish to create a whole dynamic in terms of reception and service. What comes before and after golf is essential to us. We also want to bring in non-golfers thanks to the atmosphere, the state of mind on the courses, with afterworks, activities around the driving range... We inaugurated the "Kbane" in Seignosse, a festive place on the driving range with beer, tapas, music, lighting at night, etc. Before the health crisis, we had offered electro evenings in certain clubs. Regarding our commercial offers for golf, we have segmented the subscriptions. Rather than having a single annual subscription for everyone, we offer different types of subscriptions that vary depending on when or how you book.

What about the routes that are in your catalogue?

We signed again for twenty years with the Grande Bastide golf course on the Côte d'Azur and have just taken over the Roquebrune golf course, in the Var. We are also partners of the future golf complex of Villeneuve-de-la-Raho, near Perpignan. In total, we directly manage 13 locations and operate our restaurants ourselves.

Interview by Franck Crudo

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