On September 20, the Trophée de la Parisienne celebrated its 12th anniversary on the two courses, the valley and the Fôret du Golf du RCF la Boulie. More than 160 golfers, 25 aspiring golfers and partners met to share a unique day dedicated to golf and its universe.

Parisian-Parisian Challenge: Swing Together & Love for Ever

©Challenge Parisienne-Parisien

The new edition of the Challenge Parisienne – Parisien by le Trophée de la Parisienne has kept all its promises, bringing together 160 players around the passion and spirit of golf, and at the same time offered to expand its friendly and professional. Many of you voted for the different stages that punctuated this new Challenge Parisienne-Parisien.

  •  A Competition in scramble two women against two men, initiations for aspirants but also 4 spaces which structured the day and punctuated the experience:
  • An Ephemeral SPA with providers in well-being, beauty, training, prevention,
  • A Business & Networking Corner that welcomes sponsors
  • An Arty Club with the exhibition of Brigitte Moreau Serre-
  • Le Comptoir de la Parisienne, with pop-up stores of big and small brands, selected for Parisiennes-Parisiens – Solex-By Clo-Energecia- John Haston- EPC Champagne- Château les Amoureuses- Elysées Marbeuf-Atmosphere diffusion-Marina Sea Food- Golfino-la Spiriterie – Fauchon- With-Mie
Parisian-Parisian Challenge: Swing Together & Love for Ever

©Challenge Parisienne-Parisien

2022 winners:

The start of the competition was given by Edouard Tuffier, president of the Swing agency accompanied by Miss Paris 2022.

  • 2022 winners.
  • Excellence Award
  • Price of Chic
  • Challengers Prize
  • etc ..

A Successful Challenge...

An ideal day where more than 200 people had a smile and beamed from the whole day lived..

Thanks to all the partners and friends of the Trophy to be found on  www.tropheedelaparisienne.com who have contributed to making you happy and joyful throughout the day, through friendly and professional encounters, proof that you can work and develop your network through sport while enjoying every moment..

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