Bernard Pascassio, Denis Fabre, Antoine Ferran and Vincent Paris, present Kalika Conseil. These four recognized experts with exemplary courses in the world of French golf, combine their skills in the service of golf courses and resorts.

Creation of Kalika Conseil: Audit, support and consulting firm in Golf and Resorts

From left to right: Bernard Pascassio, Vincent Paris, Denis Fabre and Antoine Ferran.

Imagined and founded by Bernard Pascassio, a key player in the world of golf, Kalika Conseil is the realization of a strong friendship between 4 players in French golf, united to bring their skills to the service of the world of golf.

With solid experience as a manager of golf courses and tourist resorts, Denis Fabre, Antoine Ferran and Vincent Paris have joined Bernard Pascassio to create this unique company specializing in consulting, strategy and development.

"Thanks to the operational skills of our partners and their versatility, Kalika Conseil aims to be recognized as a key French player in consulting for the design and execution of growth operations for golf and hotel structures" Bernard pascassio

Kalika Conseil will support golf courses and resorts regardless of their project and legal structure, for a simple audit followed by recommendations or short or medium term support, by intervening in the areas of management, management, marketing, marketing and events.

“In this difficult period for our industry, we want to support golf courses in order to prepare for the future alongside them and guide them to success. We guarantee long-term relationships, a guarantee of satisfaction and results ” Denis Fabré

Kalika Conseil will also be involved in the management of larger development projects (construction, renovation) as well as in the organization of golf events.

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