By inaugurating this establishment a year and a half ago, Hélène Darroze confided in giving birth to the “restaurant of her dreams”.

Hélène Darroze receives her 2nd MICHELIN star for her restaurant Marsan

Hélène Darroze - © Nicolas Buisson

Indeed, having reached a great maturity in her cooking, the Basque-Landes Chef offered herself a return to her roots by baptizing her restaurant with this beautiful Gascon name that is Marsan and by offering a very personal establishment in her image. A place where haute cuisine rhymes with generosity and terroir.

This award is proof of a successful bet!

“This second star is a huge satisfaction and the reward for a lot of work. I would like to thank my teams in Marsan, of course, but also those of my other restaurants, who supported me enormously upstream and at the start of the opening. This restaurant I thought with my heart and it was a huge challenge to see the light of day. It's a superb reward, but not an end in itself, because I intend to continue to take risks, to create and to question myself every day ”.

Hélène Darroze receives her 2nd MICHELIN star for her restaurant Marsan

© Jean-Marc Palisse

Marsan, but also ...

This second star is a pleasant feeling of déjà vu, since the cook is also two stars for Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, at the Connaught Hotel in London where she has been working in the kitchen since 2008.

The warm Jòia, opened in 2018 in the heart of the second arrondissement of Paris, adapts to the health situation and is very successful with its take-out offer including a unique burgers menu with Basque accents.

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