Shaped by human hands, the Guérande salt marshes have inspired a range of innovative and certified organic cosmetic treatments that draws its active ingredients
in the natural resources of this extraordinary ecosystem.

Guérande: natural cosmetic from the salt marshes

© Guérande Cosmetics

The idea was born six years ago

Convinced by the exceptional richness of this ecosystem, the Les Salines de Guérande Cooperative requests a marine cosmetology laboratory which intervenes to study the natural environment, identify resources and develop their potential.

Eaux-Mères, algae, halophyte plants and clays are carefully sampled and studied with the aim of integrating the formulation of a new range of natural cosmetic treatments formulated for all skin types.

The treasures of the salt marshes are exceptionally rich in essential minerals and trace elements (sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, iodine, etc.). From these natural resources, the fundamental active principles of Guérande cosmetics are extracted: the Mother Waters collected in the last evaporation ponds are loaded with active ions, algae and halophyte plants have remarkable hydra-regulatory, antioxidant and restructuring properties. , salts and clays are remineralizing and purifying.

A new agrobiological sector was born, designed for the preservation of the environment, in a sustainable, ethical and responsible approach, managed with absolute respect for the natural environment, its resources and the work of salt workers. Expert in organic and natural cosmetics for over 45 years, the Science & Nature Laboratory, located 1 hour from Nantes, is responsible for the industrial and logistical implementation of this new range of ecological and organic care certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

Guérande: natural cosmetic from the salt marshes

© Guérande Cosmetics

HYDRA Guérande range: two new high-hydration and antipollution facial treatments

Last November, the 2 new products HYDRA-aqua and HYDRA-nuit announced the launch of the HYDRA range from GUÉRANDE, completed today by HYDRA-care and HYDRA-comfort, two new anti-pollution “high hydration” facial treatments in two textures, light and rich, adapted to each type of skin: normal to combination or prone to dryness.

It is because the presence of water in the skin reflects the light well and makes it beautiful that hydration remains THE basis and concerns all skin types. A moisturizer provides assimilable water, agents that capture water in the skin and a film that protects it from its evaporation.

HYDRA-care and HYDRA-comfort meet the essential needs of thirsty skin.

Stimulate and maintain its hydration level to avoid the discomfort of tightness and premature skin aging. Quenched, the skin regains more suppleness and regains radiance.

Guérande: natural cosmetic from the salt marshes

© Guérande Cosmetics

HYDRA-skincare Normal to combination dehydrated skin

The hydrating gel-cream that quenches your thirst instantly!

Its light and fluid texture penetrates immediately to provide the skin with hydration and suppleness. The delicacy of its marine floral scent reinforces the feeling of freshness.

It is applied once or twice a day, for skin that is effectively hydrated and protected from pollution, fresh and luminous.

Airless bottle 50 ml in case - PVC € 27,50

  • 99,8% of the ingredients are natural.
  • 21,1% are from organic farming.
  • Approved efficacy (1)
  • 95% (2) The product brings a feeling of freshness
  • 81% (2) The product protects the skin from external aggressions 86% (2) The skin is hydrated

(1) Use test carried out on 21 people, with application in the morning and in the evening for 21 days.

(2) Percentage of satisfaction

HYDRA-confort Normal to dry dehydrated skin

Guérande: natural cosmetic from the salt marshes

© Guérande Cosmetics

The rich and refreshing cream that immediately comforts!

The generous texture of this rich thirst-quenching cream melts on the skin for intense hydration. It nourishes and resources for a feeling of immediate comfort, and protects against the aggression of polluting factors.

Apply HYDRA-comfort in the morning and HYDRA-night in the evening, for hydrated and more supple skin.

Frosted glass jar 50 ml in case - PVC € 29,90

  • 98,8% of the ingredients are of natural origin. 21,4% are from organic farming.
  • Approved efficacy (1)
  • 86% (2) The skin is quenched
  • 86% (2) The product protects the skin from external aggressions 90% (2) The skin is nourished

(1) Use test carried out on 22 people with application to the face and neck morning and evening for 21 days.

(2) Percentage of satisfaction

HYDRA assets:

Eaux-Mères, the flagship active ingredient in Guérande cosmetics, provide all the mineral wealth distilled by the salt marshes. In affinity with the natural balance of cells, they offer the skin comfort, energy and vitality and provide it with their restorative and soothing properties *.

The macro-alga Enteromorpha, rich in natural antioxidants (polyphenols) and fructo-oligosaccharides known to help the skin to maintain its hydration, protects from free radicals and dehydration.

Green Salicornia promotes the maintenance of hydration through its content of amino acids, the main constituent of NMF (Natural Hydration Factors).

It is also rich in Vitamin A, recognized for its benefits on skin health.
Two complementary active ingredients reinforce the hydrating power of the formulas: sodium from Pca with hygroscopic power which captures water molecules and a polysaccharide resulting from biofermentation which protects against dehydration and soothes. Finally, brown seaweed extract, a “second skin” active ingredient protects the epidermis from external aggressions and captures pollution particles, for an even brighter complexion.

* In vitro evaluation measures

The HYDRA line of Guérande Cosmetics is also:

HYDRA-aqua, the perfumed hydrating and remineralizing mist, the new ideal beauty gesture to instantly quench thirst and soothe the tight skin. Use morning and evening or during the day, even on makeup, spraying 30 cm from the face.

HYDRA-nuit, the evening treatment for all skin types that regenerates, provides a resourcing effect and protects against dehydration. 2 in 1, it is applied daily in a thin layer like a night cream, and once or twice a week in a thicker layer as a leave-in mask, removing the excess after 10 minutes.

Guérande products are available in specialized organic stores, pharmacies, online stores, institutes, etc.

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About Guérande Cosmetics 

founded in 2016, to bring together the expertise of the Les Salines de Guérande Cooperative and the Science & Nature Laboratory, develop the Guérande cosmetics brand, identify new natural resources and design new products in order to enrich the skincare ranges. New products have been announced for 2019. To date, 15 products - 8 face treatments and 7 body treatments - are marketed in more than 400 organic stores in France and online on the brand's website.