Garmin today unveils the MARQ Golfer among a collection of five new exceptional connected watches. The MARQ Athlete, MARQ Adventurer, MARQ Captain and MARQ Aviator. Each model is designed to open up new perspectives, break down boundaries and reach a higher level of performance than ever before.

Garmin unveils its new MARQ collection geared towards all sports

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Designed in Grade 5 titanium, lighter and more resistant, the new MARQ collection incorporates a new 1,2” AMOLED touchscreen, protected by a domed sapphire crystal glass resistant to shocks and scratches.

Enriched with new features and benefiting from a record autonomy of 16 days in connected watch mode, each model in the collection has been designed with carefully selected high-end materials.

“The MARQ collection is a true testament to Garmin's commitment to quality, innovation and reliability” says Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales at Garmin.

“MARQ watches are trusted, modern, authentic tools developed for the markets we have served for over 30 years. By combining specific features, connected functions with high-end materials, MARQ sets a new standard in the watch industry. »

An exceptional Garmin connected watch with an authentic design

Inspired by more than 30 years of continuous innovation, the MARQ collection is designed with high-end materials, such as titanium, ceramic and sapphire crystal.

High-performance Grade 5 titanium is five times stronger than most steels for increased resistance to heat, corrosion and scratches, while being lighter and more comfortable on the wrist. The 46 mm case encases a domed sapphire crystal glass and a high-definition touchscreen AMOLED screen, which enriches the daily use of the connected watch and interactions with the map.

The bands have been carefully designed for each activity and offer titanium, hybrid leather, Jacquard-woven nylon and silicone versions.

Weeks of battery life in smartwatch mode allows continuous, uninterrupted tracking of health and wellness data. Indeed, during sleep, the watch records biometric data to provide personalized information on sleep quality, stress level and recovery. These recharge with a simple magnetic charger in just one hour, twice as fast as previous models.

Premium Garmin Features for Modern-Day Adventurers

More than just an accessory, the MARQ Collection also incorporates health and wellness features such as heart rate, breath tracking and stress level, advanced sleep insights, energy level of the Body-Battery™ body and the new Jet lag1 feature that helps travelers and athletes traveling abroad minimize the effect of jet lag on their fitness level. Thanks to the history of sleep data and other recorded measures, travelers can receive advice on how to better adapt to the new time zone. They can also enter their trip details into the Garmin Connect™ app and calculate their internal body clock to adjust to the time zone of the new destination.

These new MARQ watches now include support for multi-GNSS, multi-band GPS (L1 + L5) and Garmin SatIQ™ technology, which ensure superior positioning accuracy in any environment while optimizing the 'battery life. Whatever the adventure, this technology automatically selects, in real time, the satellite mode adapted to the external environment.

Discover the new collection

Garmin MARQ Golfer

Model MARQ Golfer – ©Garmin

Model MARQ Golfer

This new watch features a golf course-inspired color palette, green ceramic inlay, custom engraved bezel, and Jacquard-woven nylon strap. Preloaded with more than 42 courses worldwide, MARQ Golfer automatically detects the relevant course and easily determines precise distances to the entrance, middle and back of the green as well as the direction of the slope with Green Contours (membership of the Garmin Golf app ™ required). MARQ Golfer includes all of Garmin's most advanced golf features, especially Virtual Caddy, Hazard View, Wind Data, PinPointer. The watch comes with three Approach CT000 golf club sensors for automatic club tracking. -> Learn more.

Garmin MARQ Adventurer

MARQ Adventurer model – ©Garmin

Model MARQ Adventurer

A true modern reinterpretation of a classic "tool watch", MARQ Adventurer presents an innovative design, a hybrid and articulated embroidered leather strap, as well as a silicone strap combining elegance and resistance to adapt to all situations. The titanium bezel incorporates a compass marked with the cardinal directions to keep you on course. With preloaded multi-continent TopoActive maps, adventurers can easily access points of interest, elevation profiles and more. For added convenience, the NextFork™ feature shows the distance to the next intersection and displays the name of the next trail to follow. -> Learn more.

Garmin MARQ Captain

Model MARQ Captain – ©Garmin

Model MARQ Captain

MARQ Captain features nautical details such as a navy blue ceramic bezel with a regatta countdown timer and a tri-tone Jacquard woven nylon strap. Its regatta countdown helps the skipper cross the start line at the right time, using GPS to calculate the ideal position and estimate the time remaining to the starting point. For enhanced situational awareness on the water, alerts and alarms signal impending tide changes and anchor positioning. With MARQ Captain, the autopilot is accessible directly from the wrist to change course, initiate piloting or follow a route. MARQ Captain also incorporates profiles for the practice of other nautical activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing. -> Learn more.

Garmin MARQ Aviator

MARQ Aviator model – ©Garmin

Model MARQ Aviator

MARQ Aviator is designed for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. It features a brushed titanium bracelet with arrow links and aviation-inspired folding clasp, and a ceramic bezel with GMT 24-hour marking. It is possible to use MARQ Aviator to navigate to a location listed in the Worldwide Aeronautical Database or choose the “Nearest” function to find the way to the nearest airport. With aeronautical alerts, pilots can set minimum flight conditions and be notified when it's time to take off. The multi time zone dial with jet lag function displays the original time zone and the "felt" time. Once the pilot is fully acclimatized, the dial will automatically update to show 24/24 guidance on light exposure, sleep and recommended exercise.

For optimal situational awareness, pilots can browse the tactile map, view NEXRAD information and access aviation weather, including METAR, TAF and MOS1, for winds, visibility, barometric pressure and more Again. -> Learn more.

Price and availability at Garmin

The MARQ collection (Gen 2) is available from October at the recommended retail price of:

  • MARQ Athlete: 1.950 euros
  • MARQ Adventurer: 2.550 euros
  • MARQ Golfer: 2.350 euros
  • MARQ Captain: 2.350 euros
  • MARQ Aviator: 2.550 euros

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