Garmin unveils the Instinct Crossover, a hybrid GPS watch designed for those who appreciate classic analog models but don't want to compromise on essential smartwatch functionality.

Garmin Instinct Crossover: the new hybrid and robust GPS watch designed for all adventures

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The digital display is easy to read and the luminescent hands line up for quick access to 24/24 health tracking features and numerous activity profiles. In addition, the versions equipped with solar glass offer an autonomy which is measured in months, and no longer in days.

"We created the Instinct Crossover for very active people who appreciate the design of a traditional watch and want to combine it with the functions of a modern smartwatch." says Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales at Garmin. « No more need to compromise between tradition and technology, the Instinct Crossover reinvents and redefines the modern connected watch dedicated to adventure. »

Garmin Instinct Crossover

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Toughness redefined

In order to meet the expectations of fans of the Garmin Instinct series, the Crossover series combines an elegant design and an intuitive experience, thanks to new luminescent analog hands incorporating Super-LumiNova® technology.

Analog hands are superimposed on a high-resolution digital display that provides easy access to all detailed data. The Instinct Crossover is heat, shock and MIL-STD-810 compliant and 10ATM water resistant.

Thanks to Garmin's new RevoDrive™ technology, it also offers an accurate analogue display, whether during activity or in difficult environmental conditions. If the watch suffers a heavy impact during an adventure, the RevoDrive system will automatically re-calibrate to display the exact atomic time.

Unlimited autonomy

The Instinct Crossover Solar offers unlimited autonomy in analog mode thanks to its solar glass, up to 31 hours in GPS mode and 70 days in connected watch mode. As for the standard model, it can provide almost a month of autonomy in connected watch mode and up to 40 days in GPS expedition mode.

Stay healthy while connected

Garmin Instinct Crossover: the new hybrid and robust GPS watch designed for all adventures

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The Instinct Crossover has a wide range of health and wellness tracking features and plenty of tools to get to know your body better and reach your goals faster. It allows you to monitor and record key health measures, such as advanced analysis and sleep score, heart rate, stress level and Body Battery™ energy level.

For fitness enthusiasts, the Instinct Crossover now includes VO2 Max, Pulse Ox2 sensor, Fitness Age, daily workout suggestions, HRV status and recovery management.

To accompany each journey, the Instinct Crossover connects to smartphones to receive various notifications, use Garmin Pay™3 contactless payment and access the Garmin Connect™ application as well as the Connect IQ™ store.

Garmin instinct crossover

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A daily navigation system

Off the beaten path, the Instinct Crossover offers GPS tracking, multi-GNSS support, ABC sensors, plus TracBack® to return to the starting point using the same route as the outbound . It is also possible to add a reference point to help with location and orientation.

The Instinct Crossover Tactical Edition builds on tactical features like night vision, stealth mode, dual GPS position format, an emergency button to clear watch data and more.

Prices and availability

This model will be available at the end of 2022 at a suggested retail price of €549.99 for the standard versions, €599.99 for the Solar versions and €649.99 for the Tactical Edition versions.

Designed for the outdoors, Garmin products have revolutionized the lives of adventurers, athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts around the world. Garmin is committed to developing products that help people stay active and improve performance. According to Garmin, every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to become better than yesterday.

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