FootJoy, the golf shoe expert, is once again revolutionizing the golf shoe market with the all-new Tour Alpha. Equipped with the latest technologies, it offers unparalleled stability and uncompromising comfort.

FootJoy continues its quest for ultimate stability with the new Alpha Tower

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Its silhouette, both modern and top-of-the-range, highlights the full extent of the innovative technologies that make it up.

Golfers can thus enjoy exclusive performance from the very first glance.

The OPS technology – Optimized Performance Stabilizer – is at the forefront of innovation. The three elements that compose it allow to lock the foot of the golfer and to offer him superior sensations, unparalleled traction and optimal power.

FootJoy Tour Alpha Golf Shoe

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3D molded heel counter

The 3D molded heel offers a stiffer, lighter and aesthetically interesting rear structure. The Achilles heel is thus better supported at each stage of the swing.

FTF midsole, dual density

A firm piece on the perimeter of the heel combined with a more flexible side piece on the forefoot. The soft midsole provides cushioning and comfort, while the firmer heel centers the rearfoot and provides controlled balance throughout the swing.

The darker areas of the shoe block the golfer's heel during the swing to provide ultimate stability. The lightest areas, for their part, offer unprecedented comfort, never before seen on shoes in the Tour range.

A-shaped support system

Outer TPU structure that fuses the heel counter and midsole to give you ultimate stability, every step of the swing.

BOA and again BOA

The Tour Alpha offers two options featuring the BOA-designed WRAPID Fit System: Tour Alpha BOA and Tour Alpha Double BOA.

Through extensive testing and pressure mapping, this technology has been proven to reduce pressure on the top of the golfer's foot and provide an improved fit.

The Double BOA option offers the WRAPID 2.0 adjustment system with a wheel on the heel and on the side. A true evolution that reduces the pressure on the foot, while maintaining an optimal connection with the ground and a personalized fit.

  • 12.7% more cushioning than Tower X
  • 10% more mobility in the eversion of the foot, during the swing, compared to the Tour X. The rearfoot does not roll, which allows for a real increase in power.
  • More balanced torsional support during the swing than Tower X

Features & Benefits

FootJoy continues its quest for ultimate stability with the new Alpha Tower

© FootJoy

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