The author Franck Andersen delivers in this book, a revolutionary method to live better on a daily basis, by overcoming one's fears and taming one's emotions.

emotional resolutionOur body has a secret intelligence Timothy Gallwey already told us in 1984 in his book, The Inner Game, which we like to read again. Thanks to the so-called Emotional Resolution technique unveiled by Franck Andersen in this book, we now know how to play with our emotions, by activating a natural function, hitherto unsuspected.
Thirty-eight years after this edition by Tim Gallwey and more recent evidence on brain function, incidentally, thanks to medical imaging, we know a lot. In particular, coming to terms with the emotions that cause problems in a snap of the fingers. Fears, anxiety, inhibition the list is long. And as is the daily life of Franck Andersen in the office, we are reassured to learn to act and no longer to react to everything in our different lives, professional and family. If emotions preside over our behavior, it is easy to understand the influence they can have on our condition as golfers and golfers.

In his book, Franck Andersen explains to us with generosity and simplicity, the different subtle approaches made possible by Emotional Resolution. In practice, that is to say most often in deferred treatment of a previous situation, we work with a memory. Or live, on the green, almost imperceptibly in the eyes of his rivals, yes, that's really how it is! Further by advancing in the reading, it is interesting to understand that the technique can be used in self-practice and that it is thus possible to tame what seemed to us located at the borders of the game or even only the domain reserved for some behavioral specialists.

How does it work technically?

Far from knowing that he would sum up the phenomenon of Emotional Resolution in this single sentence,

Winston Churchill rightly said this: " The criticism may be unpleasant, but it is necessary. It is like pain in the human body: it draws attention to what is wrong”.

In its operation, emotional resolution, as it is called in common parlance, proceeds exactly from this. In life, things bother us – criticisms – we must welcome them as so many opportunities. Then everyone experienced negative feelings such as doubt, stage fright to the point that they translate into more palpable emotions in the body. Well, it is listening to these that generates a lasting transformation of our behavioral difficulty of the moment. Emotional resolution teaches us the crucial importance of this sensory phase, during which we should immerse ourselves, rather than seek to extract ourselves from it. Elite technique if any, it only takes a very short time to realize this.emotional resolution

Passionate about prophylaxis Franck Andersen, has long looked at the sporting gesture as the means of'improve our human condition. This preceded the current advent that we know for the disciplines psycho-corporal. Since his beginnings, supporting jockeys in their weight management. He was also the'discreet and informed observer of sports performance, with clients in tennis, football, combat sports, basketball, kitesurfing and golf of course. For more than thirty years, trained in sophrology-prophylactic-sports, he met Raymond Abrezol in Switzerland and since Sept years with REmotional resolution, he speaks of mental re-athleticization when there was injury or injury-failure.

Now Franck Andersen joins the editorial team of, for a monthly meeting where he will distill thoughts that make you win.

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