A world first for Canon with the PowerShot GOLF which revolutionizes the compact laser rangefinder, integrating photo and video.

Canon PowerShot Golf: first integrated photo and video rangefinder

Canon PowerShot Golf: first integrated photo and video rangefinder

This innovation, which represents for Canon a first in the world of golf accessories, offers both the capabilities of a high-performance rangefinder and those of photo/video image technologies for an optimal experience. Compact and lightweight, easily fitting in a pocket, the PowerShot GOLF quickly displays highly accurate distance measurements from any point on a golf course. Plus, with its easy-to-use camera feature, it also allows golfers to save photos and videos of their round.

Fast, accurate distance readings at any time

The PowerShot GOLF measures distances and displays them very quickly. Its high-precision measuring laser and reference subject lock function automatically target the closest object when multiple items are detected.

Golfers can visually assess their course in great detail thanks to the high-end optical design based on a 6x optical magnification formula, with the possibility of digital expansion, all in an extremely compact device. By applying 12x digital magnification, they can even get a close-up view of flags, greens, bunkers and other obstacles, giving them a complete and detailed view of the course to plan their game and make the best club decision use.

Powerful and very compact

The PowerShot GOLF, light and compact, can easily fit into any clothing pocket. It therefore has no impact on the comfort of the golfer when traveling. In addition, it is water resistant in accordance with the IPX4 standard and therefore can be used in rainy weather.

One of the lightest rangefinders on the market, the PowerShot GOLF is perfectly suited to all forms of golf and therefore incorporates a rechargeable battery which ensures long operating autonomy. It is also very easy to recharge this battery via the USB-C port.

Canon PowerShot Golf: compact laser rangefinder with integrated camera

Control and precision

The PowerShot GOLF allows golfers to better control their course and determine the appropriate club for each 'par' thanks to its precise distance readings. The optional Slope mode, for example, calculates distances adjusted according to the difference in height. This mode takes into account changes in terrain elevation, thus ensuring a better interpretation of the route. It calculates “plays like” distances and provides essential data for the judicious choice of clubs.

Optical excellence

The high-quality optics of the PowerShot GOLF, its extremely clear electronic viewfinder and the integrated image stabilization technology ensure a perfectly clear and stable view of the courses and their details.

This stability makes it possible to obtain extremely precise distance measurements, particularly when it comes to determining the distance of a distant, small, or moving object, such as a flag for example.

To stay compliant with the rules

Concerning competitions, the PowerShot GOLF is adapted to respect the rules of play. Players can easily comply with tournament regulations and in particular activate or not the Slope mode and the visible blue light beam according to the provisions provided, in order to respect the ethics of the game.

Canon PowerShot GOLF: compact laser rangefinder with integrated camera

Recording images

Golfers can also record photos and videos of the course with distance information superimposed on the image. With this function, they can create a personal course diary, supplemented if they wish by voice memos allowing an analysis of each phase of play.

In case of uncertainties or questions relating to compliance with the rules of the game, golfers can use the PowerShot GOLF photo function to justify their arguments and confirm the position of their ball or various obstacles on the course. This visual evidence helps resolve disagreements and preserve the integrity of the game.

The integrated camera is also ideal for recording photos and videos, which is perfect for documenting your best games, revisiting your courses, analyzing phases of play, serving as a support for progress or even sharing a superb swing on the social networks.

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