Camiral Golf & Wellness is included in the "Green 100" list which identifies the most environmentally friendly and eco-responsible golf courses in Europe. Camiral Golf & Wellness is recognized for its approach, commitment and understanding of how golf plays an integral role in the local landscape, and in protecting the natural ecosystem.

  • Camiral Golf & Wellness joins the "Green 100" list
    Stadium Course ©Camiral Golf & Wellness

In association with the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf, whose objective is to accelerate sustainable development in the golf sector, the jury congratulated the golf resort in Spain for the work it has done and continues to do to accomplish in favor of nature. The estate's development of its large aquatic ecosystem, which hosts a number of insects, invertebrates and a rich multitude of species that had declined throughout the territory, was particularly highlighted as an exemplary achievement. .

« Golf is often unfairly demonized in terms of the environment and sustainability”said Chris Bertram, editor of Golf World & Today's Golfer's Top 100 Courses & Resorts, who led the panel. " With this new list of the most "Green" golf courses in Europe, we wanted to demonstrate that golf is a sport with an ecological conscience and show the ingenious means implemented by clubs such as Camiral Golf & Wellness to make a difference"

« With the help of the GEO Foundation, we wanted to reward those who put nature at the center of their golf operations and cultivate the land that provides the perfect landscape for their courses. Camiral's significant aquatic ecosystem does just that, making this Spanish resort a worthy candidate for our highly competitive inaugural rankings”.

Camiral Golf & Wellness joins the "Green 100" list

Lake Camiral Golf & Wellness © Camiral Golf & Wellness

Camiral Golf & Wellness has also been applauded for providing fantastic golf while caring for local biodiversity through mosaic landscaping and ecological rewilding. New seasonal ponds for amphibians, biological corridors with good infrastructure of streams, trees and grass to connect the external ecosystems to the internal ponds of the complex, as well as breeding areas for the turtle population natives, are just a few more examples of how the European Tour Destination, located just outside Girona, is actively committed to the environment, climate and communities.

This latest award reinforces the recognition that the GEO-certified resort has received from the STRI Group, administrator of the Golf Environment Awards, for its commitment to developing and preserving its green infrastructure through the restoration of its wetlands and the recolonization of near-extinct species. , as well as the IAGTO Sustainability Award for the protection of nature that it obtained in 2020.

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