Everything was born at Bristol Paris from a dream with the scent of Jamaya chocolate and toasted hazelnuts, the one that Julien Alvarez, the Pastry Chef has always cherished.

For Valentine's Day, Le Bristol Paris creates a box of limited edition chocolates

© Laurent Fau - Studio of flowers

In the Atelier Chocolat du Palace, Julien Alvarez and Johan Giacchetti, Responsible for the Chocolate Factory, compose, invent, create without limits.

On the marbles, the pink raspberry, ginger and hazelnut praline sweets are wrapped endlessly in ribbons of rare cocoa ... Extraordinary chocolate candies in a limited edition case, to come and offer to the one that makes us melt.

Box of 25 Chocolates, limited edition Valentine's Day, 40 euros, for take-out exclusively at Café Antonia du Bristol Paris.

To know more : https://www.oetkercollection.com/fr/hotels/le-bristol-paris/