B GLOVES is a new brand of chic and trendy gloves for golfers who care about their look.

B GLOVES, the chic glove for golfers


Performance no longer has to be sacrificed for aesthetics on the golf course.

In Mallorca, the brand has developed golf gloves that go hand in hand with sportswear and designer golf lines.

After decades in the fashion and golf industries, designers saw a vacancy in the market for fashion-oriented gloves that did not compromise functionality.

The B GLOVES are made from genuine cabretta leather with reinforced palms for a secure grip and pure control.

B GLOVES, the chic glove for golfers


An Italian Lycra technology fabric on the top of the hand enhances flexibility and allows fashion-conscious golfers to have a fairway presence as subtle or bold as they desire.

Japanese ink is used for exclusive and unique prints.

B GLOVES promises beautiful sensations with a touch of glamour.

More information from the Alpha-Hydrae distributor on 06 50 177 086 or from your usual retailer