"Lees soup", "The rebels of the end of the tee", "Let's talk rough" or "Stroke wound". If these few titles, drawn from the hundred chronicles compiled here, are not incomprehensible to you, this work, A Fairway Named Desire by Pierre Michel Bonnot is made for you.

A Fairway Named Desire by Pierre Michel Bonnot

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You are one of the golf enthusiasts who speak fluent golf. Like the hundred blows that it too often takes to overcome a course, these chronicles bounce from fictional characters in thematic texts to tell the little miseries, the big frustrations and the rare moments of happiness that make the ordinary convicts of the fairways.

In this colorful journey to Absurdism, it's about putting, swing, clubhouse bar, but also magic frogs, evil crows or talking bags. Magnificent Prévert-style inventory of the most thankless and yet most addictive sport there is. For experienced golfers looking for a bit of lightness!

A great reporter, Pierre Michel Bonnot, has long been one of the pillars of the rugby and golf sections of L'Équipe, of which he was one of the most respected writers. For more than ten years, he has delivered a monthly column to the Journal du Golf which delights readers who should appreciate this exhaustive compilation.

A Fairway Named Desire

Editor(s) Solar Editions
Parutions 03/11/2022
Nb. pages 400
Format 15.7 x 24.3
COVER Softback
Weight 510g
EAN13 9782263181092

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